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It's dead. The goal posts are out of bounds, so if a ball touches them it becomes dead. (Although if a ball hits an upright or the crossbar but still goes through, the kick is still good.)

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Q: If a field goal is kicked and the ball bounces off the upright and back into the field of play is it a live or dead ball?
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Is it a home run if the ball bounces on the top of the wall and then comes back into the field?

No, a home run is when the ball goes out of the field.

Can the kicking team score on a punt if it goes though the field goal?

No. If the punt crosses the back of the end zone it is a touch back, and the other team takes possession on the 20 yard line. A drop kick, however, where the ball bounces off of the ground first, can be kicked and is treated the same as a field goal.

Can a missed field goal that bounces off goal post be run back for a touch down?


What is the rule when a kickoff goes into end zone bounces back into the field of play but is untouched by the receiving team?

I'm not completely sure but I believe once the kicker has kicked the ball if the ball lands in the end zone it doesn't matter where it bounces after that, once its in the end zone it's automatically a touchback and play begins on the 20 yard line.

Why do you hear echoes when you are inside the caves?

because the sound bounces back because the sound bounces back

What does it mean in rugby to kick the ball out on the full?

If you are out side the 22 and you kick it out on the FULL it goes back to where the player kicked it. if its inside the 22 and you kick it out on the full, its from where the ball goes out NOT bounces.

Is it a goal if the soccer ball goes in the goal and bounces back in the field?

If the ball completely exits the field across the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the cross bar then a goal is awarded. This is true even if it comes back onto the field.

How much yards do you backup to kick a field goal?

the ball is usually kicked about 7 yards back from the line of scrimmage.

What is done when you hit the ping pong ball with backspin and as soon as it hits your opponent's field it bounces back to your field but your opponent didn't hit the ball?

You win the point. Your opponent loses the point.

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When a wave hits a surface through which it cannot pass, and bounces back, that is called reflection.

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Is it out when you kick the ball over the line but the ball have not yet landed out of bounds and the wind blows is back in field and bounces in the field?

NFL rules state that any ball is in play until it touches the ground regardless of weather conditions.

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