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According the the website once a field goal is missed the other team takes control of the football no matter what down it is.

Here's the quote from

All field goals attempted (kicker) and missed from beyond the 20-yard line will result in the defensive team taking possession of the ball at the spot of the kick. On any field goal attempted and missed where the spot of the kick is on or inside the 20-yard line, ball will revert to defensive team at the 20-yard line.

Doesn't mention anything about downs. No. The reason you might sometimes see a team try for the field goal on 3rd down is in case of a bad snap or something they can spike the ball, throw to a receiver or just run with it and still have fourth down to try the field goal. If the ball fails to cross the line of scrimmage and the offense recovers, they get to kick it again. This usually only happens on a blocked kick. This applies on any down other than 4th. If the offense recovers on 3rd down, the next play would be 4th down. If the offense recovered on 4th down and didn't gain the necessary yards to make a 1st down, it would be a turnover on downs.

The above answer is correct. As long as the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage on a blocked kick and the offensive team recovers the ball, the team may attempt another field goal as long as the blocked attempt did not occur on fourth down.

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Q: If a field goal is attempted and missed on third down can the team attempt another field goal on fourth down?
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If a field goal is attempted on third down and missed do you still get the fourth down?

no if you miss a field goal you don't get the ball back. if you miss the field goal because it is blocked and you recover the ball behind the lime of scrimmage you get the ball back as long as the kick was not attempted on fourth down.

Can a high school football team attempt a field goal on fourth down if they missed an attempt on 3rd down?

Yes. You can go for a Field Goal on any down and try again. Except For 4th of course.

Spot of ball after a missed field goal on fourth d?

In college, the original line of scrimmage. In the NFL, from the spot of the kick. If the kick was attempted from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20.

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Who gets possession of ball on missed field goal other then 4th down?

The defending team gets the ball after a missed field goal regardless of down Unless the refs call a do over and the team with the ball gets another chance to either run/pass for their extra points or make another kick attempt.

If 3rd down field goal is missed in college can it be re-kicked on fourth down?

No, one attempt is all a team is allowed. If they have a bad snap, they can hold the ball, and then attempt a kick on 4th down. The team could also rekick if the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage and the kicking team recovers.

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The only Super Bowl I can recall that was decisively lost by a single missed field goal attempt was XXV, when Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood missed a last second field goal that would have given them the win.

How can points be scored if a field goal is missed?

If a player catches a missed field goal attempt while in the field of play, he can return it for a touchdown, resulting in six points. After the touchdown, his team may kick the PAT (Point After Touchdown) and score another one point, or convert the two point conversion for two points.

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