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If the ball first lands in foul territory, then it is a foul ball. If the ball lands in fiar territory and rolls into the foul territory after first base, it's a fair ball. - So, if the ball is in the air in fair territory and drifts to foul after first base still in the air, makes first contact with the ground in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

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if it was contacted in fair ground its fair ff

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It's either a ground rule double or the runner gets the next base.

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Q: If a fair fly ball is deflected over a fence into foul territory what is the call?
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Can you catch a softball of the fence in softball?

No if it is a foul ball or if it hits the fence and you catch it it does not matter you still can play it if it is not foul but if it is foul and you catch it when it hits the fence they just call it a strike. Actually - you CAN catch a ball off the fence. There is no rule against it, however it will NOT be counted as an out. The fence is part of the field just like the ground. Therefore, if it hits the fence in foul or fair territory, it is played the same as if it had hit the ground before you caught it.

If a batted ball hits the batter is he out?

Yes. MLB Rule 6.05(g) states that a batter is out when "His fair ball touches him before touching a fielder". If the fair ball touches the batter before it touches a fielder, the batter is called out.

What are the rules of a home run for it to count?

it has to be a fair ball, and go over the fence. if a fan reaches over the fence and catches the ball, the umpires can call it back. If you had some violation such as being out of the box when you hit the ball or if you had two much pine tar on your bat, the umpires can call that back as well.

What do you call an opening in a fence?

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What is the call on a fly ball that hist the foul pole?

Fair ball, usually judged a home run since usually foul poles are above the outfield fence.

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What is the call when the ball hits a thrid basemans knee an gose sideways over the fence?

I don't know if this is official but I would rule it a ground-rule double.

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