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Q: If a coach has a baseball team and parents raise money for the team and he quits having the team where does the money go to?
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How much money does a college baseball coach earn?

a college coach earn like 52,000 in a year .

What is the average salary of a major league baseball coach -?

a lot of money

How much money does a high school baseball coach make a year?

25-45 thousand

How does youth hunger happen?

Youth hunger happens by the parents or may be not any parents are in the picture but mainly by not having the money or not enough

Was Roberto Clemente wealthy or poor?

he was poor because he was in a problem with his parents not having money

How do players get chosen for baseball factory?

You have to join eligible baseball factory camps.... It's expensive but definitely worth the money if do not have a good coach to call colleges and get recruiters to your games

Where can one purchase a Coach money clip?

There are many places where one could purchase a Coach money clip. Some of the best places to purchase a Coach money clip would be stores like Amazon.

How much money does a top gun cheerleading coach make?

Close to around 30$ it all depends on what you coach for if you coach for tumbling then probably 20$ an hour or if you coach bases it would be 30$ too. Coachs that coach flyers are the people that get the most money, they get around 40$ an hour!

How much money does a collage basketball coach get?

enough money you noob

How much money did Coach Carter gross worldwide?

Coach Carter grossed $76,669,806 worldwide.

How can you make your parents think im mature?

If your parents believe you are immature, and you want to think you are mature, there are things you can do. Completing chores without the parents asking, being responsible with money, and not having an attitude when parents ask something of you, will all give them confidence, someone is mature.

How much money did Coach Carter gross domestically?

Coach Carter grossed $67,264,877 in the domestic market.

How much money does a professional basketball coach get paid?

It really depends on what team the coach is coaching. For instance, if you were Pat Summit you could make a good amount of money.

How do you get money from your parents fast?

do anything to help your parents :) so you get money at the end of the week:)

If both your birth parents died can you get money from the government if you were adopted?

Money for what? You inherit your adoptive parents not your birth parents.

What are the uses for baseball?

there are many uses for baseball: making money, getting hot girls, getting famous, people screaming for your autographs, but the most important thing is having fun.

What president was a football coach?

Gerald Ford was given a tuition grant and maybe some money to coach football at Yale.

How do you get money from playing soccer?

Only if you go pro can you earn money or become a school coach.

What the difference between money and education?

With having Education you can earn money. But having money you can not buy Education.

How should kids make Money?

Kid's can make money by having the old fashion lemon Ade sale, or doing chores around the house and sucking up or if your parents don't have money at the moment you can ask a friend and tell them you will pay them back when you do get money and when you tell your parents you need money for a fundraiser at school or something related to school they'll fall for it and if they don't then apparently you can't get money sorry

Who spends more money KIds or Parents?

Kids and parents

What are some pros and cons about a baseball player?

Lots of pros like money getting to play a game and having fun no pros

Does having fun cost children and their parents too much money?

This varies very much between families. As a parent you have to be able to handle a budget or you can end up in the street but sadly many use the credit card too much. It is possible to not spend a lot of money on having fun.

Is the money for the foster parents or the child in foster care?

The money is to cover the expenses for the child but it's the foster parents that manage the money.

How much money do major league baseball coaches not managers make?

It all depends some if your a really good coach you can make over 1 million. If your not so good maybe 450,000