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No. MLB Rule 6.03 states: "The batter's legal position shall be with both feet within the batter's box. APPROVED RULING: The lines defining the box are within the batter's box." Since home plate is not within the batter's box, touching the plate with a foot while swinging would not be legal.

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Q: If a batters foot touches the side of the plate while swinging is the legal?
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Can batter touch home plate when swinging at a pitch ball?

well you can do anything you want. first of all both feet have to be in the batters box while making contact with the ball. if your foot is on home plate while making contact with the ball you are out!!

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Is batter called out if he steps on home plate?

If the batter touches home plate, while making contact with the plate, he is out.

How far does the batters box extend in front of home plate?

The center of the batters box is even with the center of home plate. since the plate is 17" long the this means the front edge of the batters box is 27 1/2" in front of home plate and the back edge of the box is 27 1/2" behind home plate.

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How far is batters box from home plate?

6 inches

How big is the batters box in high school fast pitch softball?

3' wide 7' long and six inches from the plate. the batters box is 4' from the center of the plate forward and 3' from the center of the plate back

When a batter runs around the bases and touches home plate to score for his team?

a home run

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Bro sorry I'm the answer.I can here for th is same question ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ต

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How big is the batters box in 12 and under fastpitch?

The batters box is about 6 inches away from the plate and extends 4 feet in front of the plate and 3 feet behind. It is 3 feet wide.

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Are ASA slow pitch batters out if they step on home plate after they hit the ball?


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No. The Home Plate Umpire, the Catcher, and the Batters are in foul territory, because they are all positioned behind the foul lines.

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What is a four letter word for baseball technique?

Bunt - it's where the batter holds the bat in front of the plate and taps the ball into play instead of swinging at it.

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Fair ball.

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