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It would be scored as an out and the credit would go to the catcher, since he is the closest player to play.


It depends upon whether the ball was contacted in fair or foul territory when contacted by the runner.

In fair territory the runner is out, play is dead (runners can't advance), and the catcher is credited with the putout.

In foul territory, it depends on the count. With two strikes the batter is out, and the pitcher is credited with a strikeout. With less than two strikes, it is treated as a strike.

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Q: If a batter bunts and runs into the ball how is it scored?
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If a batter bunts the ball but then accidentally runs into it on his way to first is he out?


Does the batter get an RBI for runs scored due to a fielding error on a ball the batter put in to play?

No. Runs scored directly from a fielding error do not have RBIs.

Was there a cricketer who scored more than 36 runs in a cricket over?

technically no, as the batter can only score a maximum of 36 runs, no more. any other runs would have to be obtained through the bowler bowling a no ball. this being added to the batters score for the over, but not actually scored by the batter himself.

What happens when a batter hits a ball misses first base and two runs score on the hit and there are two out prior to the hit?

Then the 2 runs that scored wouldn't count!

Who scored 12 runs in one ball?

Shahid Afridi

How many runs are scored when the ball hits a helmet?

five runs

Who scored a highest runs in a single ball?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan he got 12 runs of 1 ball!!

If the ball hit by a batsman hits the helmet behind the wicketkeeper how much is scored?

5 runs are scored if the batsman hits the ball and the wicketkeeper misses the ball

Bases loaded two outs the batter hits the ball into the outfield all three runners touch homeplate but the batter runner is tagged out trying to get to 3rd base do the runs count?

All runners who touched home plate before the batter/runner was tagged out are considered to have scored runs.

Which batter has scored the highest number of runs in test history?

Sachin tendulkar of India has scored the higest number of score in test history he has scored more than 15000 runs.

Does a pitcher get credited with an earned run if the batter reached base on a strike out?

No. If a batter reaches base on a missed ball after striking out, the run or any runs scored that inning wouldn't be earned if the result would of been a third out of the inning.

Who scored the most runs from one ball in a cricket match?

C.B.Fry scored 66 runs off one ball . The ball lodged in a tree inside the boundary, the umpire ruled "that as the ball was visible it could not be deemed lost" the fielding side went for a ladder, hence the 66 runs.

What is the maximun amount of runs that can be scored of a ball in cricket?

there is no maximum

How much runs has been scored in 1 ball in domestic?


What is the most runs scored from one ball bowled in cricket?


When a ball is hit out of the ground how much do you score?

When a ball is hit out of the ground, six runs are scored by the batsman. A six is scored whenever the ball crosses the boundary on the full, so it doesn't necessarily have to reach the stands to be a six. There is no higher run-scoring shot than a six, so even if the ball is hit out of the ground and into the carpark, six runs is the maximum that can be scored.

In cricket how many runs are scored if the ball goes straight over the boundary rope?

6 runs

If a batter hits the ball and it touches the helmet of the keeper who gets the 5 runs batter or extras?

The Batsman will get those 5 runs because the ball hits the bat first then the helmet.

When a batter bunts the ball and runs to first base and the fielder throws the ball to home plate trying to get the run there is it a hit or a sacrifice as no one was put out?

That play would be called a 'fielder's choice'. A fielder's choice is a play where the defensive player that fields the ball attempts to put out a runner at another base instead of attempting to put out the batter at first base. No hit can be awarded on a fielder's choice but a sacrifice can be awarded if the batter had turned in the batter's box before the pitch in an obvious sign that they were going to bunt. An RBI can also be awarded if there was no error on the play.

What does dot stand for in cricket?

A dot represents a ball bowled from which no runs are scored

Highest bye runs scored in a ball?

yuvraj singh scord sis 6 in six ball i an over

In cricket how many runs are scored when the ball hits a helmet left on the ground by the fielding team?

Five runs.

What does 3-for-4 with three runs scored mean in Softball?

It means the batter got 3 hits in 4 at bats and scored 3 times.

What are the characteristics of baseball?

The answer is you pitch the ball the batter hits it the batter runs then the fielders field the ball throw it 2 the base and if the balls get there before the batter is out he's out if it is the other way he's safe.

What is extras in cricket?

Extras are runs not scored by the batsman they are: Wides- A ball delivered so wide or so high that a batsman cannot reasonably reach it. Scores one penalty run.- Counts against the bowler. No-Ball. If the bowler oversteps or delivers a full toss above waist height. One penalty run. (any runs scored by the batsman are not extras)- Counts against the bowler. Byes- Runs scored if the batsman scores runs when the ball does not touch the bat or any part of the batsman's body. Note if this occurs off a wide then the runs are scored as wides. Does not count against the bowler (unless wide) Leg-byes- Runs scored if the ball hits the batsman without touching the bat. Does not count against the bowler.

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