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Q: If a batted ball hits a fence then a player then goes over the fence is it a home run?
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Is it a home run if the ball is caught at the fence and player goes over the fence with the ball?

I am under the assumption that the fielder must come down with the ball in fair territory for this to be an out. If he catches the ball while he is jumping over the fence and lands out of the playing area then it is a home run. Correct or Incorrect?

How many bases are awarded when a batted fair ball goes over or under a temporary fence?

If the ball is inaccessible, it is ruled a ground rule double. Runners advance two bases.

If a batted ball hits in the batters box and goes fair is it fair or foul?

If a batted ball hits in the batters box and goes fair is it a fair or foul ball?

What is the ruling when a batter hits a ball that hits the fence and goes over?

It is a Home Run.

Ball hits home plate?

if a batted ball hits home plate and goes into fair territory it is a fair ball since the plate is in fair territory however it a batted ball hits the plate and goes foul it is a foul ball

Is there a Little League rule that if a batted ball hits the yellow cap of a fence it is a home run regardless if the ball goes over or fall back onto the field?

Yes, that is a home run. Im not sure of the rule number, but it is a homer.

If the ball goes over the fence in softball what is it called for the other team?

automatic home run

If a batted baseball caroms off the pitcher and goes over the fence in foul territory What is it ruled?


Does a batter get a home run if a ball bounces on the field and then over the fence?

There are similar questions here already that have been answered. No, if the ball bounces in fair territory and then goes over the fence, it is a ground rule double.

Does the clock stop if a player fumbles the ball and the ball goes out of bounds?

Yes, when a fumbled ball goes out of bounds, the clock is to be stoped.

What goes around a soccer field but doesn't move?

a fence like offence

If a base runner is hit by a batted ball is he out if it goes past 2 fielders?

A Base runner is out anytime a batted ball hits him, unless he is touching a base.

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