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Q: If a batsman is stumped off a wide ball then does the ball count?
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Can a batsman be stumped out on a no ball in Cricket?

You can't be stumped off a no-ball, but you can be run out, be out obstructing the field, handled the ball, and hit the ball twice. A batsman can be stumped if he steps out of the crease to take a ball, misses it, and the wicket keeper catches it and removes the bails of the wicket before the batsman or his bat re-enters the crease exception is no bAll.

If a batting team needs one run with one wicket in hand and the last batsman is stumped on a wide ball so the result will be in whose favor?


How can be there a wicket on wide ball which is credited to bowler?


How many runs do you get for a wide ball in Cricket?

In cricket, the umpire rules a wide when the ball is sent too wide for the batsman to reach by the bowler. The term also references the run scored by the batting team from the penalty against the bowling for committing the above breach.

Which cricketing term is for a ball bowled outside the batsman's reach which counts as a run for the side batting?

A wide.

What is a cricket extra?

a run conceded without being hit by a batsman. i.e either by a) a wide ball b) a no ball ( bowlers end) c) a no ball (above batsman waist high) d) deflected through the pad

If the ball pitches right in front of the batsman between middle and off stump and spins sharply towards off side would that be a wide ball?

Well, it depends, there normally should be two white lines both side of the pitch, if the ball is outside the line meaning away from the batsman, it is a wide but if it is still inside the white line it is a legal ball. PS wides are decided by the umpire.

Batsman chasing last ball and1 run needed with last wicket in handbowler bowls wide and batsman got stumpedthen with how many wickets chasing team won?

win by 1 wicket???

If a right hand batsman reverse sweeps and misses ball goes through his original leg side can it be a wide?

Yes according to the present rules it will be wide ball. However taking into consideration the "switch shot" invented by English batsmen Kevin Petersen the ICC would be taking some steps for this. But ultimately it would be the decision of the ground umpire whether to call a deliverey wide or not by seeing the action of the batsman.

How many times can you be out from a wide?

2 ( stumped out & hit wicket )

Can a batsman be out if the ball hits his glove which is not holding the bat?

Yes. Except no balls, what ever the ball you touch with the bat will be counted as a legal delivery. So even if it is a wide ball, if you touch the ball with your bat it'll be counted as a legal delivery and if they catch the ball you will have to walk back to the pavilion :)

What maiden means no runs in a over or no wicket in a over?

Maiden over means no runs off the bat from the batsman and the over does not have a single No ball nor wide ball. Suhas Sapre (Baroda 10/08/2012)