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Not out. See Law 32.3e (a fair catch). If the ball hits a fielder's protective helmet this is not a fair catch and the batsman is not out, although the ball remains in play.

MCC Laws of cricket:,58,AR.html

However, if the helmet was on the ground and not his head, then the fielding team is penalised 5 runs and the ball is declared dead - he is not out.

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Q: If a batsman hits the ball into the helmet of the wicketkeeper and it is caught is this out or not?
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If the ball hit by a batsman hits the helmet behind the wicketkeeper how much is scored?

5 runs are scored if the batsman hits the ball and the wicketkeeper misses the ball

If the ball hit by a batsman hits the helmet behind the wicketkeeper run credited to batsman?

No, it will be awarded as leg byes. Runs are only credited to the batsman if it comes off his bat or glove.

Can a batsman who hits a ball that reflects off a fieldsmans helmet be given out?

Batsman is declared as not out

What happens when the ball hits the helmet of a batsman?

If the helmet is on the batsmens head nothing will happen

How do you make a wicket stump?

When the batsman attempts a shot, he may step outside of his batting crease. If he misses the ball, and the wicketkeeper removes the bails before the batsman returns to his ground, the batsman is out stumped.Stumpings usually occur off spin bowling, as the wicketkeeper needs to be standing up to the stumps in order to affect a stumping. On rare occasions, however, the 'keeper manages to tump a batsman out off a fast bowler.

In cricket what is a court?

You may be thinking of being caught. If a fielder catches the ball after it has been hit by the batsman from a valid ball, within the field of play and before it hits the ground then the batsman is out - caught.

What is the only way that a cricket batsman can be dismissed from a no ball?

Being Caught

What is caught behind in cricket?

A batsman edging the ball and keeper takes his catch is caught behind

Can a batsman be caught out in cricket if he doesn't touch the ball with his bat?

Yes, if the ball hits a glove.

If a batsman hits the ball into the helmet behind the wicket keeper are the runs credited to the batsman?

Under Law 41 the ball is declared dead and five points are awarded to the batting team.

What if the ball was caught when the bat hits the ball and at that time of hitting the ball the bat slips and it hits the ball on its own without batsman's intentions will that be considered as out or?

Yaa, if someone takes a catch then the batsman is out definitely.

If a batter hits the ball and it touches the helmet of the keeper who gets the 5 runs batter or extras?

The Batsman will get those 5 runs because the ball hits the bat first then the helmet.

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