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yes, as long as it hits anything, except for the net alone.

in college you can actually shoot an airball and grab the ball.

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Q: If a basketball is shot and hits the backboard can the same player catch it and dribble?
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Is it out of bound if the ball hits the side of the backboard in basketball?

No, it is not considered out of bounds if the ball hits the side of the backboard. Unless it bounces off the side of the backboard and then out of bounds before you or someone else can catch it.

How do you dribble a basketball?

jus drop dat stuff like it ain't nothin and catch it and u dribbled

What is rebounding in basketball?

If the ball bounces off the backboard or rim and you catch it before it hits the ground it counts as a rebound.

When someone passes you the ball in basketball how should you catch it?

with both hands. then put it on the floor and dribble!! try to shoot

What are words that have to do with basketball?

Some words are: Basketball, hoop, rim, orange, dunk, slam dunk, dribble, bounce, assist, pass, rebound, catch, coordination, shooting, lay-up, jump, drills, training, coach, player, NBA etc.

Is it double dribble when you drop the ball and pick it up again?

A double dribble is when you are dribbling and catch it but then you dribble again

Can a basketball player pass to himself?

I dont think that you can pass to yourself unless you bounce it off someone else. If you pass to yourself it might be considered traveling. the only way you can is to bounce it off the backboard or another player A player may throw the ball off the backboard and catch it. However, the player must receive the pass while in the air and shoot or pass before he comes down. Otherwise, the call is traveling

Can a player toss ball off the backboard to himself for a dunk?

Only if from the point of toss to take off there is no travel that you can't toss to the backboard take 3 or more steps and then catch it, but you can toss take up to 2.5 steps then jump and catch

Can a player dribble off a pass and still get an assist?

Yes, but the shot must be taken very soon. The player can catch the ball and dribble towards the basket or dribble and shoot to let the passer get the assist. Should the player getting the pass decide to make any move to gain a better advantage or more space, the passer will not get the assist.

In basketball when you catch a rebound can you fake a shot then dribble?

yes, that is perfectly legal. just don't jump to fake the shot, that would be traveling.

Nba rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?

If a player shoots and it doesn't hit the backboard or rim, and they catch it before it hits the floor, it's a travel. The ball either has to: a) Hit the rim or backboard. b) Hit the ground before the player can retain possession again.

How do you catch a basketball?

You catch it with your hands.

On a foul shot does the ball need to hit the rim?

In basketball the ball on a foul shot the ball must hit the rim or another player before the man throwing the ball can touch it. That is the Wilt Chamberlain rule. He would throw the ball against the backboard, catch it, and throw it in for 2 points. That is not permitted any more.

Can a basketball player taking a shot catch his own airball?

absolutely not it would be called self pass

Can a shootet rebound his own bal without it touching the rim first?

If it hits the backboard you get catch it yourself but you can't catch your own air ball

Can a basketball player who keeps both feet on the ground and who has not dribbled toss the ball in the air and catch it if he does not move his feet?

yes that is correct he can do that

Is it legal to dribble high enough to go over a defender then you go around him and catch the ball but do not dribble it again?

yes it is eleagle It's legal, but it's not a stategy that anybody would use because a high dribble is a great way to get the ball stolen from you. Unless you're playing against a midget.

Can you catch a basketball that you shoot if it misses everything?


How many steps can a basketball player take after catching the ball in the air?

After catching the basketball in the air, the player has the ability to take two steps. After two steps, the player must stop. He/she may rotate on a pivot foot or may move freely, as long as they stop after catching the basketball in the air.This is assuming that by catch the player catches the ball with 2 hands, as if they control the ball with one hand, they don't have to stop at all.

Are you allowed to dribble once in netball?

no all u are allowed to do with the ball is throw(shoulderpass,chestpass hi-pass)catch and shoot

What is a pick in ultimate Frisbee?

Just as in basketball, a pick is when a defensive player is cut off from the person she/he is defending, usually when that person runs so close to another player that the defender is "picked off." Unlike basketball, it is illegal, mainly because it can be dangerous when players are running at top speed. If a pick is called, play stops and the defender is allowed to catch up. If the offensive player that did the picking catches the disc, they have to send it back to the thrower and the defender is allowed to catch up.

Why do you need coordination for basketball?

Because you need to CATCH THE BALL!! dummy

Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?

No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

A player jumps to catch the ball and lands on two feet simultaneously give two of the footwork options available to the player to avoid breaking the footwork law?

The player can:Jump again in an attempt to scorePick one foot to be the pivot foot and move without moving the pivot foot until the player feels the need to dribble or pass

Is it a foul in basketball to throw the ball over you opponent then catch it on the other side?


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