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Following a rain delay the Baseball game continues from the point at which the delay was initiated.

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Q: If a baseball game is stopped due to rain delay do they restart from the beginning?
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If play was stopped for the weather, then a drop ball. If play was already stopped, then whatever the restart would have been before the weather delay.

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How long can a rain delay occur in baseball?

generally a rain delay can last for up to 3 hours before a major league baseball game has to be postponed due to rain ,and the game to be recheduled for a later date.

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Has there ever been a rain delay at a baseball game?

There have been 10's of thousands of baseball games delayed by rain.

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What was the longest rain delay in baseball?

I believe the longest rain delay came during the 2008 world series, game 5 between the Phillies and the Rays. After the game was delayed because of the heavy rain and cold, the games resumed 2 days later, when the storm passed.

Should delay of game in hockey be a rule?

NO! It's so stupid. If the play was stopped for something else, it would've taken the same amount of time, so in my point of view, it's the most stupid and useless penalty EVER

Can a goalie cross blueline after play is stopped?

Yes he can. Yet if it is to start a fight or celebrate then it will most likely be called delay of game. if it is to yell or talk to referees then you will be okay. It is very much by the judgment of the referee to call something like that.

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How does rain or snow affect the game of baseball?

If the umpire believes the game can be played safely and well the game will continue despite the rain or snow. As soon as this is not the case, the game will be delayed. Usually if the umpire expects the delay to be significantly more than an hour, the game will be stopped. The game is considered an official game if it is stopped after 5 or more innings of play. If the home team is winning after four and a half innings, it is also official. Whoever was winning after the last complete inning is declared the winner. If the game is tied, the game will usually be resumed at a later date from the point where it was stopped. If the game is stopped after fewer than five innings, it is replayed from the start at a later date. Occasionally a rained-out game is not made up, if it has no bearing on the final playoff picture.

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