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Yes, it depends where the ball is first touched by the fielder.

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the ball is foul

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Q: If a ball lands in foul territory but bounces inside the baseline before first or third base is it fair?
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If a batter hits a ball in the air and it drops inside line before it reaches first base and is caught on the hop in foul territory is this fair or foul ball?

The ball is fair.If it bounces fair and the player catches it then steps in foul territory,it's fair because he touched the baseball before it went foul.

How far inside the baseline is the baskets backboard?

4 ft.

How many feet from the free throw line to baseline?

The free throw line is 19 feet from the baseline, 15 feet from the backboard, and 12 feet from the front of the rim.

What are the official metric dimensions of a basketball court?

NCAA and NBA: 2 courts of 47 feet by 50 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 94' 2" total length (inside) baseline to baseline High School: 2 courts of 42 feet by 50 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 84' 2" total length (inside) baseline to baseline. FIBA: 2 courts of 45.93 by 49.21 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 92.03' total length (inside) baseline to baseline.

How far away is the out line from the basket?

The perpendicular distance from the inside of the baseline to the center of the goal or basket is 5 foot 3 inches.

Is batter out if running inside baseline to firstbase and gets hit by thrown ball?

No only if they get hit by a ball someone on there team hits.

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Is it fair or foul if a ball bounces over first or third into foul ground?

it will be ruled fairAnswerIt it rolls fair before third base an no one's touched it before it does, it's a fair ball. It would be foulfurther clarification:If the ball hits or rolls into 3rd base it would also be a fair ball

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In fastpitch softball if the batted ball hit the plate and stays fair is it a fair ball or a dead ball?

Since the pitcher's plate, or rubber, is in fair territory, it is a fair ground ball. However, if the ball subsequently goes into foul territory inside 1st or 3rd base before being touched by a player or umpire and comes to rest in foul territory, or is touched while in foul territory, it is a foul ball.