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It's a fair ball if the batted ball hits the base.

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Q: If a ball is hit down the third base line rolls on the fair foul line hits third base and goes foul Is the ball fair or foul?
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How does the increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down ramp?

how does increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down the ramp

Does a the mass of a ball affect how fast it rolls down a ramp?


When A ball rolls down a slope ramp the acceleration is?


What force causes a bowling ball to roll down the hill?

it rolls

If a ball rolls down a hill does its speed or acceleration increase?


When a ball rolls down a hill what energy occurs?

Gravity.. Kinetic energy .

Why will the ball roll faster down a slope?

The ball will roll down the slope because the slope is smooth and slanting. the friction applied is minimum, that's why the ball rolls

How do ball pens point work?

Basically ink goes down the reservoir and stick to one side of the small ball at the tip of the pen. Then when the ball rolls, the ink on the ball rolls with it and when it touches an absorbing surface, well it transfers onto it.

What is the slope of an incline if a ball rolls down it from left to right?

It has a negative (downward) slope.

B A ball rolls down a spiral track The end of the track curves left What path will the ball take when it leaves the track?

The ball that rolls down a spiral track with continue to go straight. It will not change because there is no longer any track to force it to curve.

How does increasing the height - of the high end of a ramp - affect how fast a ball rolls down the ramp?

It increases the acceleration of the ball.

Does the catcher have to catch the third strike in his glove to not be considered a passed ball Example ball hits the catcher in the chest rolls down but traps it and does not hits the ground?

You situation has nothing to do with passed balls. You are talking about the "uncaught third strike". And no, as long as the ball does not hit the ground it is considered caught. If the batter traps the ball and he gets it before it hits the ground, he caught it. Bobbling the ball and catching it is an out.

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