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Q: If a ball is droped 256 feet how long does it take to hit the ground?
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Does a player have to have two feet on the ground in basketball to constitute possession of the ball?

No. You can have one foot on the ground or no feet on the ground as long as the player has secured the ball. ie. A player can signal for a timeout in mid-air as long as he/she has secured the ball and signaled for the timeout before stepping out of bounds.

Can you touch the ground in front of the ball on the fairway when taking aim?

Yes, as long as you do not disturb the ball.

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence is it an out or a home run?

If the player holds on to the ball and it is determined that it did not touch the ground, it is an out. If the player drops the ball while falling over the fence, it is a home run. Added: To get more technical, I think as long as the fielder has his feet inside the area of the field of play, it would be an out. If the entire body (including feet) are over the fence when the catch is made, then it would be a home run. The above answer is wrong. If a fielder leaps and catches the ball before he touches dead ball territory the catch is good and the batter is out. It doesn't matter where he is in relation to the fence. He could be ten feet into dead ball territory and as long as he hasn't touched the ground, the catch is valid.

How long of a shadow would a light of 30 feet off the ground make when shining on an object 10 feet tall that is 20 feet away from the light?

The shaddow would be 6.7 feet long (assuming flat ground)

Is it legal to play a net ball in volley ball?

As long as you don't touch the net, and the ball doesn't touch the ground, yes.

A ball is thrown upward at an initial velocity of 70 feet per second from the top of a 345 foot building -- How long before the ball hits the ground below?

By the Way, guys, this is based on the equation H= -16t2+vt+s

How long does it take to hit the ground from 2683 feet high?

A long time...

A woman has a ladder that is 13 feet long. if she sets the base of the ladder on level ground 5 feet from the side of the househow many feet above the ground will the ladderbewhenitrestsonthehouse?

12 feet

What sports field is 360 Feet long and 160 Feet wide?

A foot ball feild

If a fly ball hits the outfield fence in fair territory then is caught before it hits the ground is it an out?

As long as the ball does not touch the ground or a wall, the batter is called out.

How long after Pearl Harbor was the Atom bomb droped?

4 years

Can the defense in kickball kick the ball at the runners feet and hit them with the ball on the ground?

It all depends on what type of kickball you are playing. In traditional kickball you don't even have to touch the ball. As long as the ball touches the runner, the runner is out. Even if the "kicker" kicks the ball at a runner that is not on a base, the runner is out. There are different kinds of rules about this type of situation that can be adjusted to your liking