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Yes, but only in case of injury. According to MLB Rule 40A: "A player must be on his club's active big league roster or disabled list (or bereavement list, suspended list, or military list) on August 31 in order to be eligible for post-season play." However, there are rules that allow for players that were called up in September to replace players that are injured during the playoffs and placed on the disabled list. In these cases, the replacement player must have been on the team's 40 man roster and must play the same position as the injured player.

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Q: If a Major League Baseball player is brought up from the farm team in September can they play in the playoffs?
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Are there any baseball games in September?

Yes, there are baseball games in September. Major League Baseball plays regular season games all the way into the first week of October. The playoffs are played in October with the World Series ending in November. There are also fall league baseball games played in the month of September. This includes the MLB fall league, college fall leagues and high school fall leagues.

Which Major League Baseball baseball team has never made the playoffs?

With the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs in the 2008 season, all MLB teams have made the playoffs at least one time.

Are the Cubs Baseball Team winning?

Yes, the Cubs have made the 2007 National League playoffs.

How many players total is the September roster expanded to and how many are allowed in postseason rosters?

In Major League Baseball, teams may expand their active rosters to 40 players on Sept. 1, this includes for the playoffs as well. In the playoffs however you can only have 25 active players, the reason 40 players are on your roster is because unlike in the regular season you cannot move players to/from your minor league teams during the playoffs.

How do baseball teams make the playoffs?

Playoff teamsThere are two Leagues in Major League Baseball. The American League and National League. Each league is divided into three divisions. East Central, and West. The winner of each division at the end of the regular season goes on to the playoffs, and he team with the best record that finishes in second place wins the wild card spot. The four teams in each league play each other in the playoffs and the winner moves on to the World Series.

Do they play Major League baseball games in October?

yes...........the playoffs and world series are played in october

Number of players on a Major League Baseball team?

25 from Opening Day till August 31. 40 from September 1st till the end of the season. If the team makes the playoffs they can only carry 25.

How many foreign players can a major league baseball team have?

Up to 25 from opening day until August 31, and during the playoffs. Up to 40 for regular season games starting September 1.

Does a Major League Baseball roster size change for the playoffs?

The Major League Baseball roster size does size for the Playoffs since on September 1 the Major League Active Roster size is increased to 40 man from a 25-man roster however for all Playoff games the Playoff rosters will all go back to a 25-man roster however any Major League Baseball player that has been removed from a Playoff roster will not be subjected to transaction moves such as being demoted, designated for assignment, being outrighted to the minors, being traded or being released.

Can major league clubs use minor league players in the playoffs?

On September first of each year a teams roster expands to 40 men from 25. However any player not on the teams 25 man roster by August 31st cant be used in the playoffs.

Why is there a world series in baseball?

To settle the "question" of which major league baseball team is the best. It's the same reason there are playoffs in all major sports.

What months is the baseball season?

The baseball calendar begins in March with spring training games. The regular season usually runs from April to late September or early October. The postseason begins in October and can sometimes stretch into early November.