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It would be considered a fair ball.

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Q: If a Batter hits a baseball and it bounces off home plate and then rolls into fair territory is it foul?
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Is home plat in fair or foul territory?

Home plate is foul territory unless the ball rolls in front of the plate and stays fair. If the ball bounces off the plate and strikes the batter; it's a dead ball.

What is a balitmore chop in baseball?

When a batter hits a ball very hard usually in front of home plate that hits the ground and bounces up high.

The Pitcher throws towards home plate. the ball bounces in the dirt before home plate and it hits the batter is it a dead ball or hit batter?

It is a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base and is ruled a hit by pitch

If the ball hits home plate and then the batter hits it is it a fair ball?

I believe, since home plate is in fair territory, the ball would be fair and the batter would be called out for making contact with a live, fair ball. The equivelent to runner interference with the ball on the base paths. ---------- The question is unclear. If a pitched ball hits home plate, it can then be hit by the batter (former Astros player, Enos Cabell, comes to mind). However, if the batter hits the pitch, and the ball then hits the plate and bounces up into the air, and the batter then hits it a second time, he's out. The rule says if the bat hits a batted ball a second time, the batter is out, which is different the the ball hitting the bat a second time.

If a batter hits a pitched ball that bounces in front of the plate and it goes out of the park for a home run is this the correct ruling?

Yes, it is scored as a home run.

How does softball and baseball differ from the batter?

in baseball the pitcher is standing 66feet 6 inch from the plate in fastpitch the pitcher is standing 43 feet from the plate ,there is less reaction time for the fastpitch batter

If a ball bounces before it crosses the plate and hits a batter is that a walk?

If the ball lands in the dirt and the batter swings at it, I believe that is a strike, even if he hits it into fair territory. This is another one that may have to be improved by somebody else if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am on this one.

In the game of baseball the batter stands next to which base?

Home Plate

What is a Boston chop in baseball?

A batter hits a ball off home plate

Ball hit under outfielders legs a hit?

If a batter gets a base hit to the outfield that would normally be a single but the ball goes through the legs of an outfielder and the batter winds up on third base, the play would be scored as a single and an error on the outfielder. Depends on the determination of the "official scorer". If the ball goes under the outfielder's legs and, in the official scorer's opinion, it could have been fielded with ordinary effort, and the batter or runners advance an additional base or bases, it would be an error allowing the runners, and/or hitter to advance. If, however, the ball goes under the outfielder's legs and, in the scorers opinion, could not have been fielded by ordinary effort, an error is not necessarily scored on the play.

If a batter hits ball but it strikes pitcher plate before it touches the ground and stays on fair territory?

Fair ball.

How does a player hit a home run in baseball?

The most common way a home run is hit is when a batter hits a ball over the fence in fair territory. The other way a home run can be hit is called an inside-the-park home run, which is when a batter hits a fair ball that does not leave playable territory and the batter reaches home plate before the defensive team puts him out and there are no errors on the play.