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Golf balls ... hand balls ... marbles ...

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Q: If Jupiter was the size of a basketball what would the other planets be?
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What other planets would you pass on the way to Jupiter?


What other planets would you pass on the way to Saturn?

If you were starting from Earth - Mars and Jupiter.

Which of the 8 planets is not rocky?

This would refer to the outer planets; the gas giants. In other words, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

How does Jupiter swallow planets?

Jupiter does not swallow in planets currently. It may have pulled in proto-planets early in the history of our solar system. This would have been caused by Jupiter's enormous gravitational pull.

How many planets is it away from the sun?

Jupiter would be.....5 planets from the sun. =]

What planets suround Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons in orbit around it. No planets are in orbit around it, since they would then be classed as moons. The planets in orbit either side of Jupiter are Mars and Saturn.

Which of the outer planets is closer to the sun?

That would be Jupiter.

What planets are formed by ice?

The planets formed by ice would be Jupiter and Saturn!!......I think.............;)

would Saturn be a baseball if Jupiter was a basketball?


Which planet is more massive than all the others?

Jupiter is by far the heaviest - most massive - of all the planets in THIS solar system. However, there are other planets in other solar systems and most of them are bigger - a LOT bigger! - than Jupiter.It doesn't make much sense to talk about "weight" here; what would you put the planet on, to weigh it? The most massiveplanet (in our Solar System) is Jupiter. Jupiter has about 300 times the mass of the Earth; it has more mass than all the other planets together.Jupiter is easily the heaviest object in our solar system (and the largest).

What activities would you do on Jupiter if you could live on Jupiter?

You cant live on Jupiter it's a gas planet. But if you could i would play basketball.

Mars in Jupiter?

No Mars isn't in Jupiter if it was then there would only be 8 planets in our solar system.