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The answer is simple. Buddha would be the referee. He is peaceful in nature and would make sure the fight goes on according to the rules.


This might be conversational, but that answer bears discussion. Buddha doesn't work. As a peacenik he would never allow it. While Buddha might follow the rules, he definitely would never permit open combat. You might as well suggest Gandhi or Martin Luther King, jr.

Perhaps the Yin and Yang nature of the pugilists would more appropriately demand a Zen Buddhist, perhaps Confucius or Alan Watts.

The purely sensationalistic nature of it might more appropriately demand P.T. Barnum.

Since both are from the Christian perspective, the apologeticist C.S. Lewis might work well. He would be fare.

Since it would be only a continuation of the metaphor of good vs. evil, J.R.R. Tolkien would do. He did some boxing in college, didn't he? And as a close person friend of Lewis, they could take turns.

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Q: If Jesus and Lucifer were in a boxing match who would the referee be?
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