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5 miles. 4 laps= 1 mile on a regulation track.

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Q: If I run 20 laps of a 400 meter track how many miles is this?
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How many laps on a 400 meter track equals 1.5 miles?

Six laps.

2 miles equals how many laps?

2 miles is 8 laps of a standard 400 meter track.

How many laps of a 400 meter track is 2 miles?


If it takes 6 and 3 quarter laps on a track to equal 1.5 miles how many laps make 2.0 miles?

2 miles is 3218.688 meters. On a 400-meter track, two miles would be slightly over 8 laps.

How many laps in 4 miles?

On a 440 yard track, 16. On a 400 meter track, 16.1

How many laps would it take to do 3 miles on a 1600 meter track?


How many laps on the track in 3200 meter race?

Depends on the track. If it is a standard 400 meter track, it will be eight laps. If it is indoors it will be about thirteen.

How many laps for 800 meter race on a track?

2 laps on a 400m track.

How many laps around a track is the 1600 meter?

Four laps of a 400m track.

How many laps on the track is a 1600 meter run?

4 laps on a standard IAAF track

How many laps are in short track speed skating?

500 meter-5 laps 1000 meter-9 laps 1500 meter-14 laps

How many laps around a running track equals 1.5mile?

Six laps are equal to 1.5 miles.

How many miles is 100 laps in a 33 meter pool?

100 laps in a 33 meter pool is about 2.05 miles

How many laps around a track equals 1.4 miles?

a little under 6 laps... 6 laps would be 1.5 miles

How many laps is 1500m?

On a 400 meter track, 1500 meters is 3 and three quarters(3.75) laps.

How many laps equal 1.5 miles around high-school track?

If your track is a regulation track (400m) then six laps exactly would be 1.5 miles.

How many laps is a 1000 meter run?

two and a half on a 400 meter track

How many laps in a high school track for a mile run?

Four laps if your school has a 400 meter track (which most high schools do.)

How many laps around a track to equal 3.1 miles?

12.4 laps.

How many miles is in 8 laps of a track?

Two. Because 4 laps is one mile.

How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 10000 meter race?

24.85 laps

How many laps of 800 meter track can make 2.5 kilometers?

3 and 1/8th laps.

How many laps are there in a 5000 meter race?

There are twelve and a half laps of a 400m track in a 5000m.

How many laps around track is one mile?

If it's a 400 meter track (which is one standard size) then four laps around the track is approximately a mile.

How many laps is it on a 400 meter track for 5 miles?

5 mi = 8047 m8047 / 400 = 20.15 miles would be just over 20 laps on a 400 m track.

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