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They would play at the Cowboys' homefield.

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Q: If Cowboys and Cardinals play for championship where would they play?
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What will it take for the cowboys to play the cardinals in playoffs?

it all depends on the seeding. This year the only way they would play each other is to win both playoff games and meet in the conference championship.

Who did jay novacek play for before the cowboys?


Did Emmitt Smith play for the Vikings?

No. He played for the Cowboys and Cardinals.

Who did Dallas play in the NFC Championship game?

The Cowboys have won eight NFC Championship games.

Who did the Cardinals play in the 2006 National League Championship Series?


If packers and cowboys play for championship game where would they play 2010?

Dallas. Dallas is a Division Champion. Green Bay is a wild card team

Did cater play for Dallas Cowboys?

The only player I found listed as Cater, was Greg Cater a punter who did not play for Dallas Cowboys. He played for the Bills, and Cardinals.

What teams did emmit smith play for?

Dallas Cowboys and 1 season with the Arizona cardinals

Who did Emmit Smith play for?

1990-2002: Dallas Cowboys 2003-2004: Arizona Cardinals

Who did Dallas Cowboys play November 25 1976?

The Cowboys defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 19-14, at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day.

Who did emmitt smith play for in the NFL team?

Emmitt smith played for the Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals.

When do the dallas cowboys play the Arizona Cardinals again?

There will be a rematch of last year's Christmas night thriller on Sunday, December 4, 2011. The Cowboys will again travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals. The contest will be televised by FOX Sports at 4:15 p.m. EST.

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