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Q: Identify one event that is still part of athletic competitions today and then one event that is not?
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When can you go back to competitions on Nintendogs?

After you have done 3 competitions in one day, you can't do any more unless its a diffreent competition. For example, if you do 3 disk competitions and 3 agility competitions than you can still do 3 obedeance competitions if you wanted to.;D

Is Michelle Kwan still competing in competitions?

No. She may still skate with the Stars on Ice show.

Is Cat Cora still cooking?

Cat Cora is definitely still cooking. She may not be in competitions, but she is focusing on her restaurants.

Can you still do the arceus event if you hacked the game?

you cant do the event but you still can get it

What is a symbol of victory?

A symbol of victory is typically a laurel wreath. In ancient Greece and Rome, winners of athletic competitions were awarded with a wreath made of fresh or dried laurel leaves as a sign of triumph. Today, it is still commonly used to represent victory and achievement.

Can you still breed a dog even if it been in competitions and have been taking walks?


If an event has one outcome or a collection of outcomes is what kind of event?

It is still an event.

What are some free competitions people can participate in?

There are many free competitions that people can participate in. Many people hold 5k road races where one can choose to donate, but can still compete in the competition for free.

Can you still compete in figure skating competitions in Canada if your older than 18?

Yes, but only as an adult.

Does Rodney mullen still skate for world industries?

No he doesn't skate in competitions but skates 2 hours a day

Is the tug of war is a new olpic games?

Yes. Tug-of-war competitions were held at every one of the first five modern Olympic Games. It is still recognised as a sport by the OPC, and could hypothetically make a comeback.

Is the genesect event still going?

No, as of 2014, the Genesect event is no longer available.