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Q: Identify 4 components of mental toughness?
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What are 8 steps of an effective fitness programme?

1. believe that you can do it 2. duration 3. frequency 4. rest 5. diet 6. water 7. mental toughness 8. activity and training

Is there any easy way to remember the wound chart?

yes. I find it easy to compare the two numbers in conjunction with the standard 4+. If the strength is equal to the toughness then you need the standard 4+. if the toughness is higher then it is harder for each point it is higher. example, strength 4 vs toughness 6 needs a 6 to wound because the toughness is higher by 2 points. If the strength is higher, it will be easier for each point the strength is higher. example is strength 4 vs toughness 3 needs 3+. The exeptions to this are: you never get any better then 2+(1's always fail) and if the toughness is exactly 3 higher, you still need a 6 to wound. (the scale is 2+,3+,4+,5+,6+,6+). It helps me out, you!

Identify three macromolecules that are components of the plasma membrane in a eukaryotic cell?

There are 4 major components: 1. phospholipid bilayer 2. Sterols (eg. cholestrol) 3. Proteins/ amino acids 4. Carbohydrates (exterior of some of them)

What are Factors affecting the toughness of rock?

The factors affecting toughness of rock includes; 1. Rock Texture. 2. Rock Structure. 3. Weathering activities. 4. Metamorphism.

What is the Poison rule in Warhammer 40k?

In WH40k a poisonous attack always wounds on the value listed. For a poisonous 4+ attack a roll of 4 or higher will wound regardless of the defender's toughness or the attacker's strength. For close combat attacks if the attacker's strength is equal to or better than the defender's toughness the to wound roll may be rerolled. Note: a poisonous 4+ unit will never wound on a 3 or lower no matter what the strength of the attack or toughness of the defender.

PCOLS is comprised of 4 components name all 4 components?

The four components comprised in PCOLS are EMMA, AIM, DM, RA

What are the components of tourism?

what are the components of tourism? ( 4 A's of tourism ) *accessibilities *amenities *attractions *accommodationswhat are the components of tourism? ( 4 A's of tourism ) *accessibilities *amenities *attractions *accommodations

What is the toughness of aluminum?

Yes indeed it is hard its hard but not not really really hard.

What are the 4 components of ecosystem?

Biotic and abiotic are components of ecosystem.

What are the 4 components of the communication process?


What are the three components of DNA polymer?

Actually, there are 4 components. AT-GC; Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

How many individual components are there in A380?

4 million?