Idaho plays in what conference?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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WAC Conference

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Q: Idaho plays in what conference?
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What are the original members of the big sky conference?

The Big Sky Conference was founded in 1963 with 6 members ... Idaho, Idaho State, Montana, Montana State, Gonzaga, and Weber State.

What conference is Colgate university in?

Colgate plays in the Patriot League for all sports but hockey, which it plays in the ECAC Hockey conference.

In what conference does Rutgers play football?

Rutgers plays in the Big East conference

What division is North Idaho College in?

The Scenic West Athletic Conference sounds like a powerhouse...

What conference is St John in?

St. John plays basketball in the Big East conference.

What football conference is southern Mississippi state in?

The University of Southern Mississippi plays in Conference USA.

What conference does Michael Vick play for?

He plays in the NFC

Which conference is baylor in?

Baylor plays in the Big 12.

Who plays in the New Orleans bowl every year?

Sun Belt conference champions and a team from Conference USA.

What conference is Indiana State football in?

Indiana State plays division 1-AA football in the Gateway Football Conference.

Are VA Tech and Ohio State in the same football division?

Both are Division 1A schools. Virginia Tech plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Ohio State plays in the Big Ten Conference.

Can LSU tigers football team play in a different conference then LSU tigers basketball team?

They could, yes... but they don't. They play both sports as part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Other schools do play each sport in a different conference. For example, Villanova plays basketball in the Big East, but plays football in the Colonial conference.