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you should never go on pointe not knowing how to use them. When you do ballet lessons it strenghtens your ankles so if you have never had a dance lesson DON'T go on pointe as there is a risk of injury

also you have to make sure to get them fitted properly and have the right protection. so my advice is not to have pointe shoes unless you have Ballet lessons and yourteacher has said you can.

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Q: Iam going to tryout for a middle school dance team should i have pointed ballet shoes with out lessons?
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One can get ballet dancing lessons from school of art Ballet Arts. Ballet Arts is located in Westlake Village, CA 91362. One can also find more information on their website.

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Ballet is a classical dance where many of the steps are done by tip-toeing. Look in the yellow pages of your telephone directory under Ballet to find a school near you. You will be told what to wear for ballet classes by the school director or teacher.

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The Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Central School of Ballet and Elmhurat School for Dance (Birmigham) :) Good luck!!

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It does depend on what geographic location you are taking lessons in and the level of classes you take. However, you can expect to spend about $500 per month on ballet school. Some schools have a semeter tuition or yearly tution. Expect the rate of about $5,000 per year.

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it is the American School of Ballet.

What is the best full time ballet school in the world?

There are several first tier ballet academies in the world. Many times, if a school is connected to a premier company, their training is very distinct. The School of American Ballet (NYCB), Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis School (ABT), The Royal Ballet School, The Paris-Opera Ballet, The Kirov (Mariinski) Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet, and much more.

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Every serious ballet school should hold classes for ballet. Ballet is very importanat if you want to succeed in dance and get better.

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