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be good ?

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Q: I want a mini moto but mum wont let you what should you do?
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Why wont your mini moto start when it has a spark plug but has no spark?

Get a new sparkplug :) test the spark,tae plu out and leave in coil pull pull sartif it does a litle sparkits fine

How do you get the midi moto moving as you can sit on it and rev it up but it wont move?

Try putting it in drive.

What is sexual pressure?

when guys wont leave you a lone about how they want to have sex with you and how you should do it

How many kiwis should you eat?

you can eat as many as you want as they are healthy and wont harm you

What should you do with things you want to keep but want out of sight in your bedroom?

put it in your closet so people wont see it but it will be in your bedroom

What should you do if you want to get your eyebrow pierced but your mom wont let you?

Don't do it, mother knows best!

Why should kids be required to play an instrument?

They shouldn't have to if it isn't what they want then they wont work hard at it!

You want a mini moto your dad says its to dangerous how do you get him to get you it?

Tell him the truth about those Chinese mini motos. They are very slow, underpowered, and weak, manly do to weed eater 2 cycle motors and only having 1 gear, you seriously wont be seeing speeds much over 30 mph. Sure they claim 47mph, but trust me, with that low gear ratio and a 1 hp motor, they will NEVER do 47. Also just give it a little time, and tell him about safety features.

How do i get a small on Super Mario Bros?

well if you are talking about new super Mario bros, and you want to become smaller, or mini, you have to get a mini mushroom, or get hit by an enemy. super Mario bros original wont let you become small. Hope i helped :)

Should you swallow bubble gum?

It wont hurt you if you do, but if you did swallow the gum it would sit inside of you for about 5 years or so. You wont want to do it all the time. Should you? Probably not, but there is no real harm

What if your crushes little sister does not want you to date your cush?

if your crushes little sister does not what you to date him then you should talk to her about it and say "hey i wont be mean to him and i wont be mean to u i promise i wont change".

When your sister wants you to wear her dresses and you want to but you're a guy should you?

if you know it wont affect you its fine

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