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go to try outs or show the team that u are pretty good

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Q: I quit basketball and its my senior year. How can I join basketball in college?
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You quit basketball and its your senior year. How can you join basketball in college?

You just try out in collage and if you make it then your on the team!

How can you play basketball in college if i quit playin in the 10th grade?

well, there really isn't a way to get into the NBA if you don't play until you're a senior because that's when you'll be recognize more. Sucks to be you if you quit. Only way to do it is if you have a contact or if you know someone from the NBA that can hook you UP!

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No never quit.

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How can you play basketball in college if you quit basketball in your senior year?

I know that my school (Florida International University) has walk-on's on the team. I think the best thing to do is contact a school you are interested in playing for and ask the coach or assistant. Usually you can find the coaches or assitant coaches email on the team roster and coaches are usually more than welcome to answering questions. Good luck! It will be very difficult at a Division 1 school, most players on Division 1 are recruited and on scholarship. You'll have a much better chance at a Division III school or at a Junior College. You can also try to join an AAU team, or club team, but those are usually for kids still in school. If you really want to play in college, your best bet is to go to a Junior College for two years and transfer to a 4 year as a Junior.

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