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Sometimes there is no "right" thing to say to a friend in need. You can support your friend by spending time with her, even if you are just reading books or studying and not really talking to each other. Offer a listening ear if your friend wants to open up, but also respect her wishes if she is not yet ready to do that.

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Q: I need something to say to my friend to help cheer her uo she has depression and a eating disorder she is having a very hard time so can someone please help me cheer her up?
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Can someone with bipolar disorder have an eating disorder?

Yes, anyone may experience an eating disorder for many reasons, including stress or poor self image. If you are bipolar and suspect that you have an eating disorder, this is something to discuss with your therapist and/or medical doctor.

What eating disorder followed by depression for food?


What is a dietary disorder?

someone, who has a disorder eating.

How do you get binge eating di sorder?

Binge eating disorder may develop as a response to anxiety, depression, stress, or as the after effect of another eating disorder.

What is the causes for eating disorder?

it depends on what kind of eating disorder. sometimes depression or maybe other people telling you you're fat

What are signs to look for in someone with an eating disorder?

someone with an eating disorder may show signs of depression in the more obvious cases but in the more secrative cases the person may have suddenlt lack in self confidence. However an eating disorder may be hidden in ones diet, just because they're eating doesn't mean they're not sick. for exampl they may eat only protein which has no fat but burns quickly in the system. it's better to consult a doctor or counsiler if you suspect an eating disorder. :)

How do you no if you have a eating disorder?

You won't really know if you have an eating disorder. The only way you could tell was to talk to about it to your doctor or someone who knows about eating habits. If your eating something and you don't feel hungry then your just eating out of habit. It's not a good habit so try breaking it!

How do you get someone to notice you have an eating disorder?

Tell them.

Should you tell someone that you have an eating disorder?

Yes. Secrets are part of the disorder.

Can you have more than one eating disorder at a time?

Usually when someone has one eating disorder they end up having both. For example of you are anorexic and have something to eat, you will usually throw it up. There are also other eating disorders other than anorexia and bulimia which can overlap.

What would someone lack of if they had a eating disorder?

They would lack normal eating habits.

Have you ever suffered from or sought treatment for depression alcoholism drug addiction or an eating disorder?

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