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It completely depends. Are you a lady golfer, or a junior golfer or are you a male golfer? If you are a lady golfer, I would still recommend ladies clubs, this is because you will need a quicker swing speed and need to be quite strong to use mens clubs, and using them may hurt your game instead of improving. If you are a junior golfer you have two choices, either get a set of ladies clubs and use them for a while until you grow out of them, or get a set custom fit. You will probably need an inch or two taken off them depending on how high/ low you hold you hands. You will of course grow out of these, and you could get them extended and bent when you do. If you are a fully grown male, then yes, you probably should use mens' clubs, again custom fitting is your best option and will hopefully help your game.

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Q: I need new golf clubs and I am 5'5 should I use mens?
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Im 5ft 2in do you need mens golf clubs?

You could use mens' clubs, but the best thing to do is to go and get custom fit. This way they can find the ideal length of club for you, maybe mens' clubs with a couple of inches taken off them. It depends how old you are, if you are still growing i wouldn't advise custom fitting, maybe just a second hand set of clubs which you could get cut down.

Should i update 5 year old golf clubs?

if you are still hitting good i see no need to update them, but if you are not hitting acceptably you should probably update your clubs

What do you need to play golf?

Golf lesson A good set of golf clubs and a wonderful golf course

I am 5 foot 2 and want to get mens golf clubs Nike SQ driver and Callaway X-22 irons and wedges with graphite shafts Should I get them?

Get whatever you want to get! You will find the best thing to do is get custom fit, this will tell you what clubs are best for your game. You are quite short, so you may need to get an inch or so taken off the length of the clubs.

What is a half set of golf clubs?

Well a full set of golf clubs has 14 clubs but a half set usually only has 7 clubs. I would recommend half sets to beginners in the sport golf because when starting out you only need to use the basic clubs: driver, irons and putter. But when you get ore experienced at golf you should mive up to full sets where they have more of a variety of irons and woods and wedges. I hope this helps :-)

My golf club head fell off i need to fix it?

Most golf clubs offer golf repair services as well as stores such as Golf Galaxy, Golf Headquarters. etc.

Why is golf called a rich man's game?

It is quite expensive to play at some golf clubs. Nowadays there are some clubs where it can be a litlle bit cheaper. Golf equipment can be very expensive but if you shop around you don't need to spend a lot.

How tall should your golf clubs be if you'm 5'3 and a half?

You should get custom fit because height is not the only factor. You may need an inch or so taken off standard.

What is a list of things you need to go to Mars?

Golf Clubs Water Food Neutrons Friends

What kinds of golf products does Callaway manufacture?

Callaway manufactures all of the products that a golfer would need for both men and women: golf clubs, golf balls, golf apparel, golf footwear, gold accessories

How many golf clubs does the average golfer need?

You are permitted to carry 14 clubs in your bag, including your putter. Most golfers carry the allowed 14.

What do I need to look for when buying golf clubs?

You should make sure you get a mans or womens club. also make sure you get them for a right or left handed person. Then you are going to want to check the Legnth of the club because if you are short the clubs may be to big for you.