I like men and i am a guy?

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I think he did dunk a ball on NBA inside stuff with Amahd Rashad.

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Q: I like men and i am a guy?
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What kind of women do men like?

It varies from guy to guy, most men do not like real aggressive females, though.

Gay men what do they look like?

Men. Human men. They're not some different race of human, or some animal...a gay guy would look like a regular guy...

Is it gay if you like men and you are a guy?

Yes, that is the definition of "gay".

What does it mean if you like men?

If you're a guy and you like men then you're homosexual,while if you're a girl then it's normal

Will a guy who likes you know the guy you like's feelings towards you?

Not unless you tell him. Men dont read minds.

Why do women reject men in a relationship?

Women reject men in a relationship because they either don't like they guy or don't like his personality such as if the guy is a bully. The woman would reject but if the guy is a sweet-heart, the woman would totally go out with him.

Is it good for American women to date Nigerian men?

If they like the guy 0.0

Why do you like men when you are a guy?

because some people find it enjoyable. Like I'm a guy. I like other men. So. I don't care if I'm gay. Its punk cause we both have a penis and it will be equal fun. keep on sucking

Do men like big women?

Most men like small/medium height women. some men do like big women but other guys dont This guy LOVES big women!

What is crooks like Of Mice and Men?

A black guy who stays apart from everyone else.

Do men like black-haired women?

err yes it depends who the kind of guy is...

What does crook look like in Of Mice and Men?

Crooks is a hunch back black guy

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