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It signifies a new pitcher's strike out.

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Q: I know that the forward K when scoring baseball means strikeout swinging and backward K means strikeout looking but what does the hollow outlined K mean?
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What does k stand for in a baseball box score?

k stands for strikeout looking K stands for strikeout swinging

Why is the strike K sometimes backwards in baseball?

The "K" is placed backwards in cases where the batter strikes out looking.

What does KL mean in a game of baseball?

I believe the the "KL" ... is for "Strikeout..Looking.." meaning the batter did not swing..and the "KS" symbol would therefore mean...Strikeout...Swinging..the batter took a swing...yet missed.

Why is the k backwards?

A forward 'k' is using in baseball scoring to mean a batter struck out swinging. a backward 'k' is used to mean a batter struck out looking.

Why is a strike out looking a backwards k?

Looking is backwards. A looking strikeout is subjective to the home plate umpire that night. A swinging strikeout is objective. No doubt that he missed on that third strike; that's a K. K=swinging forward. Backwards K=looking backwards at the umpire and being K'ed

What does it mean to post a k in a baseball stadium?

A "k" is a strikeout, from the abbreviation used to denote a strikeout when scoring baseball on a scorecard. In some stadiums, simply "k" is the denotation; in others, there is a distinction made between a "k" and one which is written backwards. A "k" written forwards means that the battter struck out swinging (he swung at the last pitch, producing the final strike). A "k" written backwards means that the batter struck out looking (he did not swing at the pitch that produced the final strike). In broadcasting, "posting a k" simply means that the batter struck out and does not distinguish between a batter who struck out swinging and one who struck out looking.

A baseball bat is a machine. When a batter swings and hits a ball the batter swinging is the?

The batter swinging the bat.

Why is there a sometime a backward k and other times it face correctly to show when a player strikes out in little league baseball?

In scoring baseball on all levels, a backwards "K" means the batter was called out on strikes by the umpire. A regular "K" means the batter struck out while swinging at the pitch.

What muscle assists you in swinging a baseball bat?

Nearly every muscle in your body is used in swinging a baseball bat. That is assuming the person swinging the bat is doing the conventional "squish the bug, and chop the tree" method to swinging. Simply standing still and swinging the bat would use the muscles in your arms, upper chest, back, and neck muscles.

What is a blocked strike in baseball?

a swinging pitch in the dirt

What is a hack in baseball?

It's another word for swinging at the ball with your bat.

Is baseball anaerobic?

Running the bases is aerobic and swinging the bat is anaerobic