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Keep your feet on a soccer ball whenever possible. Most likely, your ball control will be behind other players who've stayed with the game while you were away.

Run, run, and run some more. When you think you've run enough, run even more. Then stretch after you're finished. You've played before so I'm sure you're aware of the importance of training for "soccer speed" - ie: you need to run well sprinting (from a jog start, from a standing start, and with abrupt changes in direction), and over long distances (endurance). Training with a partner/friend/future teammate will help enormously. Staying hydrated and eating the right foods (lay off a bit on the beer, processed sugar, and fats for awhile) will make it much easier.

I'll finish with one of the biggest tips I ever received: always be "on your toes" on the pitch. Literally when jogging, or sprinting you need to tend to keep your weight on the front half of the foot ("balls of your feet"); getting caught trying to catch up to an opponent when flat-footed is very embarrassing. Good luck!

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Q: I haven't played soccer in a couple of years and I am going to try out for my high school team what should i do to get ready for the season?
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