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Q: I have 2 ping putters nos 85020 and 85068 what are the approx.values?
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What is the year the ping putter 1A 85068 was made?

1959 is the answer. I quote from the WEB-Site (Karsten Solheim invents the PING putter in his Redwood City, California garage. he names his putter "PING" because of the sound it makes upon contact with a golf ball. Two years later, he moves his family to Phoenix and continues his quest to improve golf club design.) Putters from PING don't "Ping" anymore. There are still 1A putters for sale. The new ones are not made of copper as was the original.

Are all Ping putters made in the US?

Of course! Durr >:( dumbbutt !

What is a good but cheap putter?

Depends how cheap. Yes C groove putters, Rife putters, Odyssey and Ping putters are all excellent mid range putters. But you could also check eBay or the clearance/sale section in online shops.

Where can someone purchase ping putters for golfing?

You may purchase a Ping putter for golfing, from the Ping website. If you would rather not pay a premium price, you may be abe to find them cheaper on eBay, or Golf Smith.

What golf club company has a vault filled with over 2500 gold-plated putters?


What year was ping o-blade putter 85029 made?

You will see people selling Ping Putters and sometimes irons and identifying the entire zip code or the last three digits. The zip codes help to identify a time period that the club was manufactured/introduced. Below is a listing of the location, zip code, and time period that clubs were produced. The Scottsdale AZ address with 85282 zip code was from 1961-1966. The Phoenix AZ address with 85029 zip code from mid-1966 through 1967. The Phoenix AZ address with 85020 zip code from 1968-1973. The Phoenix AZ address with 85068 zip code from 1973 to 2000. The Phoenix AZ address with 85029 zip code (again) from 2000 to present-day. (The 85029 zip code is the zip code for the physical street address of Ping Headquarters, which it has been at since mid-1966) All the other zip codes were for P.O. Box addresses

Has anyone ever heard of a Ping Day putter?

Sort of, one of the models of Ping putters is called the 'My Day'. -------------- Yes, I own a PING DAY PUTTER. The "My Day" is a different shape with the shaft entering the putter head somewhat toward the center - while the "Day" has the shaft fully off the heel of the head. The "My Day" seemed to be more readily available than the "Day".

How much is a Ping Kushin Scottsdale putter worth?

I'll point you in the direction of this website, very bottom, it says $300-500. You never know on eBay could be more.

Where is the best place to buy Scotty Cameron putters?

There are an extensive amount of eBay listings available that sell Ping golf equipment, but it might be the best course of action to seek a local specialised sports/golf equipment store (where employees can provide some extra insight).

What does AYD mean in ping ayd?

Ping has many models and styles of putters one of the models encompass the use of the word "DAY" their is the" Day" / "My Day" / and the "AYD" just a variation to distinguish the 3 different models with a play on the words hence AYD is a DAY respelled to name the putter with the unique design with the subtle difference in that series. Hope this helps.

Taylor made golf club are made where?

California. The shafts and club heads are manufactured in China and then are assembled in the U.S. Ping makes their club heads here. Titlelist makes their putters here. True Temper makes most of their shafts here in the US as does Penley.

How tall is Ping Ping He?

Ping Ha is 165 cm.