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Q: I am walking on the mountain and a tiger is coming. He keeps roaring at me. He is getting closer. How do I escape from this tiger please help he is about to eat me please help me please please help me?
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I am walking on the mountain and I see an elephant walking towards me. What should I do should I run or should I tell the elephant that he is my best buddy please help because he's getting closer?

just relax.

Why do mountain climbers lost there breathing in up of the mountain?

the higher up you clime the less oxygen there is because you are getting closer to space

How do you make a short timers stick?

A short timer, in the 60s USMC, was a soldier who would be getting out of the service in a few months. As he got closer and closer to the release date, his walking stick got shorter and shorter.

When was Getting Closer - Dollhouse - created?

Getting Closer - Dollhouse - was created on 2010-01-08.

Is the sun getting closer?


When walking with a girl what side does the guy walk on?

On the side closer to the street.

How do you move things with your eyes?

you keep getting closer, and closer and closer, and then you nudge it with ur eyeball....

How do you know when a lesbian approaches you?

You'll see her getting closer and closer to you.

Is it global warming or the earth's orbit getting closer to the sun?

It is global warming. It is NOT the earth getting closer to the sun.

When was Miles Away But Getting Closer created?

Miles Away But Getting Closer was created on 2008-07-15.

Are the tiny particles closer together in a solid a liquid or a gas?

Solids then liquids and lastly gases have molecules closer together. Think about walking through air. Thick about walking though a solid door.

Is the Earth getting closer to sun?

No, the Earth is not getting closer to the sun, it continues to orbit at a distance of approximately 93,000,000 miles.

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