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If you keep your GPA up and do well on your standardized tests as an upperclassman, your possibilities are endless.

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Q: I am a high school freshman at a private school and I play varsity basketball varsity tennis and have a GPA 3.4 where can I go to college?
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How long did Wilton Norman chamberlain go to college?

Three years and he played on the Kansas University varsity basketball team for two years. When Wilt went to college, freshman were not eligible to play varsity basketball.

What are the chances of a high school freshman making the basketball team if most of the school boys are trying out?

A freshman maiking the Varsity is slim at most schools.

How many years can you play varsity basketball?

In high school, you can play up to four years, depending on your skill level. In college, you have the option to redshirt your freshman year, then play four more years.

Is there a Junior Varsity Football team in College?

Yes FSU did have a Junior Varsity Football team. It was the Freshman class and they would play Florida, Miami, Auburn, Ga. Tech. Only allowed to play six games a season.

Who are purdues all time basketball scoring leaders?

Rick Mount 2323 points. There was no three point line and freshman were not allowed to play varsity. His freshman year he averaged 45 points a game in the JV league

When did Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain become basketball players?

Both Russell and Chamberlain began playing basketball as young boys. Russell entered college (University of San Francisco) in 1952 and played on the freshman team that year and the varsity team starting in 1953. He began his career with the Boston Celtics in 1956. Chamberlain entered college (University of Kansas) in 1955 and played for the freshman team that year and played varsity ball the following season. He left Kansas to play for the Harlem Globetrotters in 1958 and began his NBA career in 1959 for the Philadelphia Warriors.

What was the first major college to have a varsity basketball squad?

Vanderbilt University. source:Guiness book of sports trivia (1971)

When was Varsity College created?

Varsity College was created in 2001-01.

Who is Joaquin Pistokache?

hes a freshman on varsity and he goes to my highschool lol

Do you capitalize varsity?

In the United States, this word refers to the official team that represents a high school or college in a particular sport. Thus, one could play football with one's college friends for fun, but the one team that competes in the name of that school is called the varsity. (Players on the varsity wear the official school uniform, with the school's colors, and logo on it.) Here's a sentence: Kevin has worked hard to impress the basketball coach, and he is hoping to be named to the varsity this fall.

Ihsa rules can a freshman start on varsity?

yes they can if you are good enough, i started as a freshman tonight for are first lacrosse game and scored the first goal of the season! they cant say you cannot start as a freshman if you are part of the varsity team, it is the coaches judgment if he thinks you will make an impact.

Do you capitalize boys' junior varsity basketball coach in the sentence He is active as a boys' junior varsity basketball coach.?

i am pretty sure you do