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I'm really sorry, I doubt there's a way to reduce size without surgery (unless there are exercises?!) .

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Q: I am 15 years old I live in Australia and I am a 10DD I hate my breast so much how can I make them smaller without surgery please help me?
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Are there any tips or special methods to get smaller breasts without surgery and preferably without weight loss?

Are there ways to have smaller breast without surgery or exercise?

How do you make your breast smaller if your already skinny?

You can't without surgery.

How do you make your breasts smaller naturally without surgery or pills?

when you lose weight your breast decrease in size

Where can one get breast enhancement without needing a surgery?

You can get breast enhancement at a variety of locations without needing surgery such as psychotherapy. In Germany, they have developed methods to grow breasts without surgery.

Is a breast augmentation performed to reduce breast size?

Breast augmentation is for enlarging a breast size, but there is a surgery for breast reduction. Each surgery does a different shaping to the breast. One makes it larger and the other makes it smaller.

Can you make your breast smaller?

only through a breast reduction surgery or from weight loss.

How do you make your boobies smaller?

By having a procedure known as breast reduction surgery.

How do you make your breast smaller without surgery?

You could try exercises that strengthen the chest muscles. It wont shrink the breast but it will firm them making them appear smaller. There are also some plastic surgery techniques that are non invasive (meaning they wont cut you open). One is lipo suction and one is the lipo dissolve but the plastic surgeon would have to judge wheather that was the best way.

Is there any way of enlarging your breast without surgery?

Well I think the only way without surgery is either gain weight or get pregnant

Does pushing down on the breast tissue make the breast smaller?

No. It can temporarily make breasts appear smaller, but there is no way to decrease the size of breasts except weight loss or surgery.

What should you take to make your breast bigger without surgery?


How do you make the breast big?

Implants. can't be done without surgery.

How do you get larger breast without implants or pills?

Use the Brava System. It is a devise that grows breast tissue without surgery. or

How to make big breast?

A woman's breast is not alterable by size naturally (except in the terms of extreme diet and exercise, where they can tend to get smaller). The only way to enlarge a woman's breast is through surgery.

Can I reduce my breast size without surgery?

There is no exercise that will reduce only your breast size, but you should be happy that you are blessed with what you have. If you exercise and eat proper foods, you will lose fat all over your body and your breast will become smaller also. if you do workouts for your chest and upper back you will loose weight in that particular spot.

How can increase breast size without surgery?

There is no way unless you gain weight.

How can one have a breast reduction without surgery?

There are two ways that have shown to reduce breast size without having surgery. If you want to decrease the size of your breasts, you can try losing weight. Typically, the first place you lose weight from is your breasts. It has also been found that breast size can decrease from breastfeeding.

Is there any way of getting a breast enlargement without having to go through surgery?

Yes there are ways of enlarging the breasts without having to go through surgery. There are pills and creams that can be used as well as breast therapeutic massage. One can also do exercises and try diets to enhance the breast tissue.

Can i make my breast small?

ya, u can get them smaller with a surgery. um i have big breats but i amproud of it. i would make them smaller mayb e but i am only 17

How do you make breast very small without surgery?

Impossible ... requires a Plastic Surgeon.

Which pills or creams work to increase breast size without surgery?

extenze for women

How can I make my breasts smaller?

There are many different techniques to perform a breast reduction surgery. All of this depends upon the patient and their appearance prior to surgery. The techniques range from something as simple as liposuction to a full breast reduction surgery with significant scarring along the breasts. That being said, most women who undergo a breast reduction surgery are extremely happy after the procedure. To determine your options you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to get an opinion after inappropriate evaluation.

What types of cosmetic surgery can be performed on the breast?

There are numerous types of cosmetic breast surgery. These include: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and breast implant revision.

What are some risks associated with breast implant surgery?

Some of the risks of breast implant surgery include additional surgery, capsular contracture, breast pain, changes in nipple and breast sensation, and rupture.

Are there breast implants that can be filled after surgery?

No, breast implants have to be filled in during surgery only.