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boys and girls club for the summer

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Q: I am 13 years old and i need a summer job can you help me?
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i need a summer job i need a summer job

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Tips for Finding a Summer Job in 2012?

Getting a summer job can be difficult when you do not know what type of job will best suit you. Whether you need a high paying job, a full-time job or simply a job that offers a few hours a week, you can find the right job for you when you follow a few tips.Figure Out Why You Need the JobWhether you need a summer job to help pay for school or simply want to earn extra money, knowing why you need the job can help you determine the best type of summer job for you. For example, if you need a summer job to help you pay for school, you may need to get a full-time summer job. However, if you only want extra spending money, a part-time job may be best for you.Know the Job MarketIn recent years, the job market has taken a hit, making it harder for people to find jobs. However, in 2012, the market is slowly opening up, making it easier for people to find summer employment. When you look for a summer job, you need to look at places that are hiring. Many retail places hire temporary summer help in an effort to make the workload easier for regular employees during the busy summer months.Restaurants typically look for summer help, as well. While retail and the food industry may not be what you want to do, these are places that are willing to hire temporary help. However, you can always check for paid internships or start your own business babysitting or doing handy work. You could also look for job positions at sleep away summer camps or day camps. You could also consider working at a daycare center. Working with children can be an ideal opportunity for teachers and teaching majors to gain experience in their field.While many people think finding a summer job is harder than ever before, it is not impossible. Even if you do not have experience, you can still find a temporary job position that pays well and gives you a way to earn the money you need.

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i need help answering

I am 13 years old and i need a summer job that pays?

I would recommend getting a paper route. Not only will you make money, you'll get exercise. Another good summer job is mowing lawns in your neighborhood.

What is that job of Autumn?

The job of Autumn is to help change the season from Summer to Winter.

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It depends on what you want and need. A summer vacation can be a great experience but if you need money for a reason and a job can get you enough money, a job is more appropriate. If you want to get ahead in school to finish earlier or if you failed a class and need to retake it, summer school is your best bet.

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help children out

You are fourteen and live in Illinois and need a summer job?

You can do gardening

How does one get a summer camp job?

To get a summer camp job you need to apply directly at the summer camp you want to work at. Apply in March or April because they usually start hiring in May.

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summer job