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Yes Cheerleading is a dangerous sport due to the high levels of gymnastics and lifts and tosses. Cheerleading results in 66% of women's catastrophic injuries, however due to the fewer number of male participants, there are no statistics on men. In the category of Non Extreme Sports(Extreme sports being street luge, bull riding, heli skiing...) Cheerleading is currently the 3rd most dangerous sport in the world, only under Rugby and Cave Diving. This is because of the stunting and tumbling elements. These involve lifting or throwing a girl sometimes as high as 40 feet in the air. Tumbling is gymnastics which can cause injury if the technique is not correct

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Q: IS Cheerleading A Dangerous Sport
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What is the 2ND most dangerous sport?


What does cheerleading rank as the most dangerous sport?

It is said that the only thing more dangerous than cheerleading is bull riding. You do the math!

How dangerous can cheerleading be?

Cheerleading is VERY dangerous, think backflips, lifting girl in the air, its not easy, and its not a sport for dumb people. You have to be smart and strong!

How is cheerleading a dangers sport?

Cheerleading is dangerous because it involves advanced stunts and tumbling. Any activity that involves acrobatics, motion, flipping, or lifting can be dangerous

What is the youth sport that causes the most injuries?

Cheerleading or gymnastics is the most dangerous sport and it has been proven

Is cheerleading the most dangerous sport for women?

Cheer-leading is the most dangerous sport for women because it involves a lot of lifts and tricks.

Why is cheerleading the most dangerious sport?

Cheerleading is not just yelling chants at a game. Cheerleading involves stunts which are extremly dangerous if you don't do them right. Also if u are doing tumbling you can fall and hurt your neck. Also things like strained muscles can be dangerous. So yes it is a bery dangerous sport

What sport is so dangerous besides cheerleading?

Statistics show that cheerleading is THE most dangerous sport in the US with more youth and female injuries than any other sport. Others that come close are Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Tackle Football

What is more dangerous cheerleading or dirtbiking?

Currently, cheerleading accounts for around 66% of all women's catastropic injuries in the US, making it THE most dangerous women's sport in the country. Cheerleading is ranked as the 3rd most dangerous sport in the world, under only Rugby and Cave Diving. Motorcycling/ Dirt Biking rank 7th

Does the ihsa count cheerleading as a sport?

Cheerleading is a sport bottom line.

Is all-star cheerleading a sport?

Yes it is..all cheerleading is a sport :) <3

Miley Cyrus' favorite sport?

Cheerleading Cheerleading

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