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Receiving team. Unless the kicking team has complete control of the ball before it goes out of bounds.

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Q: IF a punt is touched by a member of the receiving team and it goes out of bounds after touching a member of the kicking team whose ball is it?
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When kicking off the ball touches the receiving team player then bounces to the ground and is then touched before going out of bounds by the kicking team who gets the ball?

the receiving team

In football on a punt when ball is fumbled and goes out of bounds last touched by kicking team player who is awarded possession of ball?

receiving team

If a punt is kicked out of bounds is it a penalty?

No. The kicking team is penalized if a kickoff goes out of bounds, but on a punt, the ball is put in play for the receiving team at the point where it goes out of bounds.

Can a player go out of bounds on a punt return and return to tackle the runner?

No. Once a player on the kicking or receiving team steps out of bounds, he is ineligible for the remainder of the play.

What is the ruleing on a out of bounds kick on a kick off in football?

When a kickoff goes out of bounds between the goal lines without being touched by the receiving team, the ball belongs to the receivers 30 yards from the spot of the kick or at the out-of-bounds spot.

Is kicking the ball outof bounds on a kickoff in college football a penalty?

Yes, the penalty is the receiving team takes possession 30 yards beyond the spot of the kick. For example, if the spot of the kick was the kicking team's 30 yard line, the receiving team takes possession at their 40 yard line.

In the NFL if the ball goes out of bounds while receiving a kick off and touches the ball on the 5 yard line in bounds does the ball come out to the 40?

As long as the ball was kicked from the kicking team's own 30, then yes. The rule is NOT that a kickoff out of bounds is placed at the 40-yard line. The rule is that the ball is placed 30 yards from the spot of the kick. So if the kicking team had been given a 10-yard penalty on the PAT play, and ended up kicking from the 20 instead of the 30, and the ball goes out of bounds, the ball would then be placed at the 50 -- 30 yards away.

If receiving team touches ball on punt and does not have possession then kicking team touches ball before going out of bounds but does not gain possession which team gets the ball?

Receiving team. Same as a catch. You must have possession before its your ball.

In basketball if a player shoots and has it blocked then his momentum carries him out of bounds both feet out then the blocked shot lands on him whose ball is it?

The ball is considered dead when it touches the court out of bounds or touches a player that is out of bounds. In this case, the ball would go to the team that blocked the shot. Had the ball touched the court out of bounds before touching the player, the ball would go to the shooting team.

When is the ball out of bounds in a game of basketball?

When the ball makes contact with anything that is out of bounds (this includes touching the out of bounds line) it is considered 'out of bounds'. If the ball goes out of bounds in the air and is pulled back, it is not considered out of bounds.

On a kickoff what reason is the ball spotted at the 40 yard line?

if the kicker kicks the ball out of bounds without the opposing team touching the ball, the ball is placed on the 40 yard line as a penalty to the kicking team.

If a NFL kickoff travels 40 yards hits the ground and is picked up by a member of the kicking team why does the ball go to the receiving team instead of the kicking team due to onside kick rules?

The question is the correct assessment. If a ball travels more than 10 yards, hits the ground in bounds, and the kicking team gains possession of the ball, the ball is dead and the kicking team is on offense.

A basketball is going out of bounds do you need both feet touching the floor to be able to save it from going out of bounds?


If a player is laying out of bounds and another player is on top of the player laying out of bounds but not touching the ground is the player laying on top also out of bounds?

i believe so

Whose point is it if a serve in tennis hits a player on the receiving team?

If the serve hits the receiving player (or their partner, when playing doubles) before touching down out of bounds, the point is the servers. The exception is if the serve is a let. In that case the point is not awarded to wither team and the server reserves.

When does the 5 count stop during an out of bounds play does it start when it is released from the inbounders hands or when it is touched by someone already inbounds?

out of the hands of the player out of bounds

Where is the ball placed when an unsuccesful field goal is attempted from the 45 yard line in Canadian Football?

In Canadian Football, a missed field goal is just another kick. If the ball is fielded in the field of play, the next play starts from wherever the receiver ran it to. If the ball is kicked out of bounds but not past the goal line, the receiving team starts from wherever the ball went out of bounds. If the ball goes into the end zone and goes out of bounds, or is fielded and the receiving player cannot or will not return it out of the end zone, a rouge is scored (one point) by the kicking team, and the receiving team scrimmages from their 35 yard line. In Canadian Football, it makes no difference where the ball is kicked from.

In basketball when is a player consider out of bounds?

When any part of a player's body is touching the court outside the out-of-bounds line. However, it is only a turnover if the player has the ball.

Is a punt in football a live ball?

its a live ball if a player on the return team touches it before it goes out of bounds or before it touches a player on the kicking team. if someone on the kicking team touches it, the return team's offense starts at the spot it was touched. A ball is always live when it's in play. If you're asking whether either team can recover it, the is no. The above mine correctly points out under what circumstances a kicking team could recover, and what causes the ball to go dead.

List six infringement that would result in a free kick in AFL?

High Tackling Running over the Mark Kicking it out of bounds (On the full) Kicking it out of bounds (deliberate, not on the full) Pushing in the Back Tripping/ Low Tackling

What are the violations in volleyball?

out of bounds, crossing the center line, crossing the line when you serve, and touching the net

Can you score a basket in basketball if you are out of bounds you bounce it off the court and it goes in without touching a player?


If a kickoff goes into the end zone without being touched is it still alive ball?

Yes. Free kicks remain live until someone either recovers the ball or it rolls out of bounds. If no one made an attempt to recover the ball, the official could blow the play dead, although that would be unlikely to ever happen. The receiving team would make every effort to field the ball, since not doing so could result in an easy touchdown for the kicking team.

If a player is out of bounds can he be the first to recover a fumble by the other team Example is Ohio State player recovering a Northwestern fumble.?

A defensive player may go out of bounds and then come back in bounds and make a tackle or recover a fumble. An offensive player may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then catch a pass. The only other rule about going out of bounds in the college rulebook is that a member of the kicking team may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then come back onto the field to make a play.

Do you need to have two feet in collage football?

You only need 1 foot in-bounds for receiving in college football.