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It is never too late. You should look into your options and strive for your dream if you want it bad enough.

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Q: I'm 16 and I want to become a professional footballer. Is it too late for me?
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Why did Steven Gerrard want to become a footballer?

coz he had nothing better to do

How do you become professional speaker?

If you want to become a professional speaker, practice doing public speeches

Is 25 to late to become a soccer player?

Yes, if you look at most professional players they started their carrer when they were kids but if you just want to play amuter you can play up to any age

Why do people join the Professional Bowlers Association?

Because they want to become professional bowlers.

How does an amateur become a professional and why people want to be a professional and not a amateur?

Once she gets a paying role and she becomes professional

What your professional interests are?

I want to be become HR manager

Is 13 too early to start tennis?

No, 13 is not too early to start tennis for recreational purposes. If you wish to become a very good professional, then it may be a little late on some cases, but if you just want to play tennis, it is not too late.

Is 13 too late to start playing soccer?

It's never too late to start soccer. Except if you want to be a professional player, it's too late.

What did Aston Merrygold want to be when he grew up?

he wanted to be a professional footballer but then he developed a nerve problem in his left foot so he couldn't do it any more ahh!

What did Wayne Rooney want to be when he was a child?


Why did Leona Lewis want to become famous?

She wanted to be a professional singer.

How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

If you win a gold in the Olympics will you become a pro?

no, it is the participants own choice whether or not they want to become a professional athlete. Most of the time a professional athlete cannot participate in the olympics.

What is the chance of becoming a professional footballer?

You have to be very buff and athletic, need to know the game well and you need to be in the team of your school/college if you want to even be considered for the 'job'.

Can you be in a relationship if you want to become a footballer?

Yes, there is no reason why you can't have a relationship; it just means you have to balance and manage your time more closely.

How do you become famous if you are 11?

it depends on what career you want to become famous in. If you want to be an actress/model or singer, start in a modelling agency or and acting agency or if you want to become a famous singer, start in a choir or get professional lessons.

I am 13 years old and want to be a Footballer however I am not part of a football club atm Can I still be a footballer?

Of course you can. You need to keep practicing and play and try to find a club to join or play with a team in your school if there is one. If you get really good you could join a team and get noticed and may even be picked for a better team. It is not easy to become a professional, as you really need to be extremely good to do that. That takes a lot of hard work.

What should you do to be a professional footballer?

Well first things first if you want to get into the game of soccer you gotta practise,you got to get out there and do your thing find the best time when to practise and do. Get into a football club and thy teach you how to play a good game of football.If your already good at football to you got to take it into the next step and do a trick you got to peform out there and try your best so you can win for money How clever are you? now you dont just get into a football club Because you good at the sport you have to pass a test to see if you wan that job and surely you will become a professional footballer.

Why do athletes exercise so much?

Professional athletes do it because it's their job. The rest do it because they want to, or strive to become a professional.

Is 16 too old to become a ballet dancer?

16 may be a bit too old to become a professional, but if you want to dance for fun then, no 16 isnt to old!! Many people start even older than that. (Late 20+) You will have an atvantage because you're old enough to understand what your teacher will be teaching and you will be able to comprehend everything! If ballet is what you want to do then go for it!

What ar the Odds of becoming pro football player?

how much you want to become a pro footballer if you really want to be a pro then you have to show your skills for the team you play and you have to train hard that what i think

How many years do you have to go to college to become a professional track runner?

you have to go to collage for 5 years if you want to be a professional track runner.

How do you become a professional banker?

The word 'banker' is too broad, if you want to become a professional in the banking industry you need to become an accountant, mortgage, or derivative specialist etc. Thus you need to obtain training in one of the banking related professions.

How many years are required to become a photographer?

None. You just have to have a love for taking shots, and have a talent for it if you want to become a professional photographer.

How do you make great fighter?

practice makes perfect and everyone if u want to become a professional i am a young professional fighter i love to fight u have to stretch 2 hours a day to become a great fighter.