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I would say just give it up. This isn't high school anymore. It's the real world. You're not going anywhere in football so just turn you attention to an education. Brutal advice, but honest.
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Do you want to go to college to get an education first and play football second or vice versa? What would you major in? How important is an education to you? A student athlete is just that; a student first and an athlete second. I would think, at 220 pounds, a lineman position is gonna be tough, even in Division 3. Think you could play linebacker? Tight end? How good of an athlete are you? What does your high school coach think about it? If you are serious about it, get the opinions of those you trust and respect the most. Then make your decision. ANSWER
Yeah if i was you i would definetly switch positons but it all depends on your strength and forty time i think you might be better off as a linebacker where as myself being 6 foot1 weighing 285 would fit on the dline which i do

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Q: I'm 19 and I want to walk on a d3 college football team I played all four years in high school and I now have my GED in high school I started at left tackle but im 5 foot 9 about 220?
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