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Q: Human communication is best understood as a system where senders are receivers and receivers are .?
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Is the engine thermostat part of the emission system?

No, but the temperature senders are part of the emission system. If the thermostat malfunctions, the emission system will not operate at optimum levels.

Why is computer system become a communication system?

it becomes communication system through networking......

Is the source of earth's magnetism fully understood by scientists?

No, not fully understood but most of the source and system have understood by scientists.

What is the definition and history of communication media?

Media is the process through which the ideas or messages can be send from the sender to the receiver. It is the most important part of communication system. These days communication is possible through a vast variety of media. For communication to be very effective, the communicator has to be very concious & judicious in the choice of media which will depend on various factors like the urgency of the message, the time available, the expenditure involved & the intellectual & emotional level of the receivers.

What is a software defined radio?

Software defined radio is a communication module which has hardware components which rely of software programs to run. This mainly entails receivers and transmitters which are used for radio communication.

What is Internal and external parts of aircraft with communication system?

communication system

What does multi zone mean in home theater receivers?

Multi-Zone in home theater receivers means that the receiver can send a second source signal to a separate audio system or speakers.

Why is the nervous system referred to as a communication system?

the nervous system is referred to as a communication system because it carries messages to and from all parts of the body

What is the communication system?

communication system are concerned with the transfer of data and information from one location to another

You invented a train -to -station communication system who are you?

Granville t. woods built the communication system

When an electronic mail system is installed as part of the communication system what element of the communication process is changed?


What is terrestrial system for satellite communication?

A terrestrial system for satellite communication is one that facilitates. This includes the facilitation of audio, data, and any other communication.