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Be really really loud. Dont scream at the top of your lungs.(; Make sure your cheering not singing.Smile.Have nice white cheer shoes not running shoes. Judges might take off points if you have running not cheer shoes. Nfinity are good light cheer shoes you can flip in. DONT say whooh! Say go ___ or yeah but judges hate when you say whooh!Jump high, practice, and just be happy.

Hope I helped you. Good luck!

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If you know the trials are on, you should be well-prepared by now and last minute tips won't help a lot. However, there are small things that you should always do: * Keep up your fluid intake. * Remember to pass the ball when necessary, but don't be too eager to give it away. * Work with the team you are in. * Be supportive of your teammates. * Keep a calm head and try not to think about how well you are doing; treat it like any other game, not a trial. Otherwise, go out and play as you always do.

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try your best. when you get there, show the coach what you can do and stand out so he notices you more. dont give up, if you think you arent going to make the team just keep trying and have fun

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Q: Huge soccer try-outs tomorrow any tips?
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Huge soccer try-out tomorrow any tips?

Just work your hardest and act like no one is there.I got into REP soccer and that's a big deal.All I did was play hard, and if you do too you will succeed too!GO SOCCER PLAYERS!

Tips for dance tryouts?

smile don't count out loud don't over-stress practice with others

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What are some tips I should use at a high school soccer tryoutand If I mess up 1 day out of the five do i still have a chance of making it?

your chances of making the team if you mess up 1 out of 5 days are not that bad. talk to your coach and ask what are your scores that you got on the tryouts. work on the things that you have not yet mastered with your free time. 20 minutes playing with a soccer ball in your yard can really help.

What are some tips for basketball tryouts?

just try your best and don't even think about messing up, don't think about how other people are doing, just play your best.

Are high school cheer tryouts the same on college tryouts?

No, because most college squads will be more advanced than the high school squad. I can not tell you what the differences will be, because that is based on the schools. Here are a few tips for tryouts: be yourself, don't show frustration, SMILE, have fun, try your hardest, and and be proud of yourself no matter how it turns out. To prepare fo tryouts, ask the coach, or someone whohas tried out for that squad recently what you will be tested on, so you can mainly focus on those items. One other thing iis that you should always be trying to improve your skills! :)

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bend your knees and be aggressive hope it helps!

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learn how to slide tackle the ball before you hit the person. kick a ball against a wall and test your aiming with the soccer ball. If you call it soccer you should go play handegg instead.