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You mean Spanish.


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Q: How you say soccer in central American?
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What does concacaf stand for in soccer?

Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Soccer).

What is le football?

football Which is to say, for American audiences, soccer.

Which two Central American countries fought a soccer war in 1969?

El Salvador and Honduras.

How do you say Football in different language?

In many languages, you would use the word soccer or American soccer.

What are the main sports played in Guatemala?

futbol (soccer) i i know its not much but i think i know because in central American Guatemala is the sister country

What is Panama's sports and pastime?

Football or soccer is a popular sport.

Are there any celebrities from Central America?

Yes, Ronaldo the soccer player, The soccer player you refer to is Portuguese not central American we know Rigoberta Menchu, she won the Nobel Peace Price, Pablo Neruda, a poet, and a song writer named Arjona, from Guatemala.

Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?

Soccer was not invented by an American

How do you say football in Afrikaans?

Football as in soccer is called voetbal Football as in American Football is called American Football

How do you explain soccer to an American?

Lmfao soccer is the american word for football obviously americans know what soccer is.

Will Americans ever embrace soccer?

I am an American and i say yes!!!!!!! We are bidding for the world cup in 2018 or 2022!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do Americans say soccer not football because football is the proper word?

In the American dialect of the English language "football" is one sport, "soccer" is another. In the British dialect of the English language, the sport the Americans call "soccer" is called "football" they do not play much American Football in Britain.