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Q: How years straight have the LA Laker's won Pacific Division Championship?
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How many pacific division championships have the lakers won?

The Lakers have won 22 pacific division championships.

What Division is the Lakers in?


What conference and division does Lakers participate in?

The Lakers play in the Western Conference's Pacific Division.

Los Angeles Lakers 2004 Pacific Division title?

Yes, they did.

Can the Lakers win a championship this year?

yes i think the lakers can win the championship! THE LAKERS ARE AWESOME!

How many championships for the la lakers?

NBA- 14 Western Conference- 29 Pacific Division- 29

What are all of the NBA teams in the Western Conference Pacific Division?

Lakers Clippers Sun Warriors Kings

When did the lakers win there last championship?

The last time the Lakers won the championship was the 2009-10 season.

What was the la lakers record in the 2004-2005 season?

The Lakers finished the 04-05 season with a 34-48 record which was good for a fourth place finish in the Pacific division.

Who did the LA Lakers play last year for the NBA championship?

The Lakers beat the Orlando Magic for the NBA championship.

Who won 1941 NBA championship?

The lakers won there first championship. The lakers were in Minneappolis before going to California in 1960.

What team did Kobe Bryant win his first championship ring?

he won the championship with lakers, he was never traded so therefore it was the lakers

Who did the lakers face in the NBA championship in 2009?

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic to win the 2009 NBA championship.

How many championship does lakers have?

The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

How much championship title lakers have?

14.Kobe Brought 4 To The Lakers

How much championship does lakers have?


Who did the Lakers play for the NBA championship in 2000?

During the 1999-2000 NBA season, the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers to win the championship.

How many times have the lakers won the nba championship?

the lakers have won 16 championships

How many championship did the lakers win?

by the end of 2010-2011 LAKERS HAD 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!

What history will be made if the Lakers win Championship?

The Lakers winning this (2009) championship will cement Phil Jackson as the greatest coach of all time and the Los Angeles Lakers as the winning team in NBA history

Who won the 1985 NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the championship.

Did Cleveland cavaliers play the lakers in the final?

No they didnt play the lakers because BOSTON played them nd lost to the lakers So the lakers won the championship

Do the Lakers have seventeen championship wins?


Who won the 2000 NBA championship?

The Lakers

Who won the 1988 NBA championship?