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As head coach of the Chicago Bears NFL team from 1982 to 1992, Mike Ditka developed a fan following for the team that championed "da Bears" (pronounced duh bayrz).

This was famously parodied by "superfans" on the comedy show Saturday Night Live after the Bears won Super Bowl XX over the Patriots 46-10 on January 26, 1986.

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Q: How would you spell the Bears like Mike Ditka would say it?
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Who is the player or coach that played for the cowboys eagles and bears?

Mike Ditka

Mike ditka jersey number?

Mike Ditka's jersey number was number 89 when he played with the Chicago Bears. The Bears retired his number in December of 2013.

What position did mike ditka play?

Mike Ditka was a tight end for the Bears, Eagles, and Cowboys between 1961-1972.

Who coached the Chicago Bears in 1985?

Mike Ditka

Who was the Bears head coach in 1985?

Mike Ditka

What number did Bears all-pro tight end Mike Ditka wear?

Mike Ditka had 2 different numbers during his time in Philadelphia, in 1967 his jersey was #98. In 1968 his jersey number was #89.

How did mike ditka effect Chicago?

Football: Chicago bears

When was mike ditka fired?

January 6th1993 from the Chicago bears

Who coached the bears to a win in Super Bowl xx?

Mike Ditka

Who was the coach of the Chicago Bears in super bowl XX?

Mike Ditka.

Who has appeared with the cowboys eagles and bears in the super bowl?

Mike Ditka

Who led the Chicago Bears to their super bowl victory?

Mike Ditka.