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Just buy a new one! Custom Sports Sleeves sells custom made shooting arm sleeves. Best quality and made in the USA!

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Q: How would you make a nba shooting sleeve smaller?
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How do you make your Nike Pro Combat padded shooting sleeve tighter?

Work our like an NBA player and pump up your bicep/forearm, and then the shooting sleeve will be tighter! :-)

How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size without buying your own?

Cut the sleeve of an old under armour shirt

How do you make an nba shooting sleeve fit without working out?

just cut in the middle, and and cut again to your size, and then just sew it back together.

How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size?

Custom made arm sleeves are available at Custom Sports Sleeves. Made for any sport! www,

Where does Austin rivers get his shooting sleeve from?

The model as worn by Rivers and Collegiate/Pro players is an SMU(Special Make-Up) model, not released for retail sale. That's the answer I received from Nike. Make sure you go to the official nike site and ask for the sleeve in the customer service area.

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