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A composite hockey stick is made from a synthetic material such as carbon fiber and is seen as lighter and to have more flex than a wood hockey stick. The flex of the stick is often rated on the stick and the amount of flex is a preference of the player. Flex can be seen as important because it causes a snapping of the stick during a snap or slap shot which causes the puck to release at a higher velocity. however often the more flex a stick may have the easier it may break.

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Q: How would you classify a composite hockey stick from a wood hockey stick?
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How would you classify each type of hockey stick?

By material

What are the benefits for using a composite hockey stick?

lighter weight and can flex and can add power to your shot basicly the same thing i would prefer the feel of a composite though

Would a kitchen knife work for cutting a composite ice hockey stick?

If a serrated knife is used, it could work well enough to do that cutting job.

Where and whick one is the world's oldest hockey stick?

the worlds oldest hockey stick would be the Louis ville or northlands

How do you cut a hockey goalie stick?

Unless the top of the stick goes above your forehead when you're wearing skates, there is no reason to cut it. If it does, however, you may cut it the same way you would a player's stick according to the material of the stick (composite, fiberglass, or wood).Hope this helped

How did they invented hockey?

people would play hockey with a stick and a rock shuffling it around like in hockey. hope this helps

How much force does it take to brake a hockey stick?

The rating for a hockey stick's breaking point is 2,000 pounds per square inch. If it is an older stick, the needed force would be significantly reduced.

What is the main skill involved in playing hockey?

For ice hockey, it would be skating and controlling the stick/puck at the same time. For field and indoor hockey, it would be dribbling on the run.

Is o a prime or composite number?

0 is neither a prime or a composite number. It can not be divided by any number, so it would be difficult to classify it as prime or composite. 0 and 1 are the only numbers that are not prime and are not composite.

What gift would you give a girl that loves hockey?

you can give her some hockey cards, buy her a jersey, get her a hockey stick, get her a poster, get her a video game about hockey, design her a hockey shirt or maybe get her a movie about hockey.

Would you use kilometers or meters to measure a hockey stick?


Can you get a left handed Field Hockey stick?

Yes you can get Left Handed Field Hockey Stick,however... unfortunately due to the rules and regulations of The International Field Hockey Federation it would be illegal to play with it at present.

What is the value of a hockey stick autographed by the Pittsburgh penguins?

To determine the exact value of a hockey stick autographed by the Pittsburgh Penguins, a few different factors would actually need to be taken into consideration. Some of these things would be, the authenticity of the signatures, age and condition of the stick.

How do you tell if a field hockey stick is broken?

The answer to this question is very difficult as it depends on what kind of stick you use... wooden, composite, full composite... First - do a visually check of the stick to see for any breaks or fractures usually that will give you an idea. Secondly - the best thing to do would be to listen out for the sound the stick makes when you hit the ball and if its not a solid sound and the stick vibrates a lot then it maybe broken. Thirdly - before you buy another stick show it to your coach or someone who is experienced and has many years of hockey behind them to see if they agree with your evaluation and in most cases these people will know if the stick is broken or not just by doing the first two points i made.

Can you use a ice hockey stick for street hockey?

Yes i wouldn't use a very expensive one though, i would use a older stick that you had before or buy a kind of cheap stick probably around $20-$50 ------------------------- There are generally four types of materials used to make hockey stick blades; wood, composite graphite, ABS resin, and plastic. Most of these blades, depending on the model, also have some type of fiberglass weave integrated into their design. Wood blades are meant to be used on ice only. The bottom of the blade will splinter fairly quickly on any other surface making the stick useless. Composite graphite blades are used on ice and sport court (roller hockey) surfaces only. ABS resin blades can really be used anywhere and plastic blades are used for street hockey only (ball only). Plastic blades are not stiff enough to handle the weight of pucks. If your ice hockey stick as has an ABS resin blade, using it for street hockey will not be a problem. Otherwise, I would seriously discourage you from using it outside. Instead, Bauer, Sherwood, TRON, and Frontier all make relatively cheap street hockey sticks ($25 or less).

What ice hockey sticks are the best?

Each stick has different results.. Every stick has different flexes which give you better shots. I personally would recommend Easton Stealths, Nike Bauer One 90, Nike Bauer Vapors, Warrior, or Rbk.. but any composite stick will work. Price range is a factor. and what level you play on..

Can you use your indoor field hockey stick outside?

Indoor and Outdoor Field Hockey Sticks differ in thickness, so no it wouldn't be a good idea due to it being thinner than an outdoor stick. Would be better to use an outdoor stick!

What would the value be for an hockey stick signed by NHL legend and Hall of Fame member Rusty Crawford?

I would say it depends on the type of stick if it is a high quallaty stick i would say around 5000 usd

How much would a signed hockey stick from soel Olympics 1968 be worth?


What is the value of a game used hockey stick signed by Eric Lindros?

The value of a game used hockey stick signed by Eric Lindros actually depends on a number of things. The authenticity and condition of the stick would need to be taken into consideration when determining value.

What equipment is needed to play floor hockey?

To play floor hockey, one would need a lightweight plastic ball, or a heavier ball. Sometimes a normal hockey stick, field hockey or bandy sticks are required.

You are buying a hockey stick online It says that the curve is to the left Does this mean the stick is left or right-handed?

this is a very easy one it would mean that the stick right handed

What is value of hockey stick autographed by Clutterbuck when with Minnesota Wild?

i would say about at the least $375

How would you pick your hockey stick?

First of all you would want to choose between either wood or composite. Theres a positive for both, wood being cheaper but easier to break, and composite being more expensive but more durable. After choosing which type you need to choose a brand with a price some where in your range. If you choose a composite stick, you need to pick a flex, which is how much the stick bends when you put weight on it. This all depends on height, weight, age, and personal preference. Theres also grip sticks and non grip sticks, all personal preference again. Finally either wood or composite you need to choose the curve which is probably the most important. Each brand has a different selection of curves but all are comparable. Theres lie, the type of curve, and the measure of depth. If its your first time playing or buying a stick your best bet is to go to a pro shop or hockey store and have a person working there help you out.

Which field hockey stick should you get?

There are two main kinds of field hockey sticks; Wood and Composite. Wood is made of obviously, wood. These are generally cheaper and lighter in weight. In my personal experience, the wood splinters after a few games. Composite is made of several materials and is usually heavy. It often costs much more than a wood stick, but they are usually more sturdy and flexible. Personally, I would say go with a composite stick. They last longer and are more reliable. Although this is my opinion, I think you should find a store that allows you to try out different sticks and find one comfortable for you. Also, ask a store worker or coach at your local sport shop what they recommend.

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