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Such events as life changes are always unexpected. Many times there is no time to change direction to where it was turning to...

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Q: How would you answer the question to a potential employer what event changed your life?
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What is the subject of this question This event changed Alaska forever what is the subject and verb?

This event is the subject changedverb Alaska is the object (place) forever)time)

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Over what time period is you question relating to. For example, since capitalism was recognised or since as specific event or time frame.

What is the verb of this sentence This event changed Alaska forever?

The verb in the sentence is: changed

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in transition the states are changed from one state to another but in event the signals are changed or trigered with respect to that signal.

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the basket in the Nile

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Reflex action

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Assuming the employer offers coverage to spouses, then the employer would not have the right to turn a spouse away. The spouse's loss of coverage is a "qualifying event" and the employer's insurer would allow the spouse to join.

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the Olympics has changed in many ways like there is more games and event being held and the event of the Olympics going on has got much much bigger

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