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Middle of the pack.

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Q: How would teams like Celtic or Rangers FC fare in the EPL?
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He paid the cab fare in cash.

How will a human would fare on Venus?

By floating

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They would die

How would humans fare on mars?

they would die

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Fare component on an airline ticket is how the cost of the fare is divided between the different parts of the fare. For example, a fare component could list First Class to denote the part of the plane where a person will be seated. Luggage charges would also be listed separate as fare components on airline tickets.

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They would freeze to death.

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Humans already fare quite well on planet earth.

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Most times they would split the fare.

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It means "How did you do?" such as after an exam or perhaps coming out of a scary movie. The response would be I fared well (or didn't fare well.)

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If you rearange the letters FARE FIG what word would you get?


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a person would freeze to death!!

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Unless the human had protective gear that is currently beyond the capability of our technology, that person would fare very poorly and would have to leave Mercury very quickly or die.

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How would a human being fare on mars?


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No,because they would simply burn to death

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depends, what would you consider "FARE" shape? LOL

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yes because it would not be fare for 1 person to vote so 12 people vote cause its fare.

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The correct question would be "how did you fare in your exam?"

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