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As soon as one run has scored, the home team will have gained the lead and the outcome of the game is then established.

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The other team forfeits, or it's a woman's team

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If the batter and runners all cross home plate out of order, only one runner would not have committed a rules infraction.

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Q: How would it be possible in a baseball game for a player to hit a home run with the bases loaded but to have only one man the batter score?
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How many ways is it possible for a baseball player to get to home plate?

Home rune, steal home, Balked in the the pitcher, Walked in with bases loaded, by the batter hitting a single, Sack file, Run down between third and home, passed ball by the pitcher or catcher

Is a baseball player credited with a RBI if he is walked with bases loaded?

Yes, the player is credited with a RBI.

What is a no batter in baseball?

A player that can't hit.

Why isn't RBI just the luck of the batting lineup because who got on base before the batter has nothing to do with the batter?

Well, it isn't luck. Baseball is a team sport, and the team members are depending on the batter to drive them in just as much as the batter depending on them to get on base. The statistic RBI shows how productive the player is when runners are on bases. A player could have bases loaded every at bt, but zero RBI's, meaning that this player is not very productive.

What actors and actresses appeared in Batter Up - 1927?

The cast of Batter Up - 1927 includes: George Davis as The Baseball Player Kewpie Morgan as The Big Baseball Player

Where is Bret batter in poptropica?

Bret Batter is a contestant on Reality TV Island. He is a baseball player. He likes to say stuff about baseball.

When does a grand slam home run happens?

A grand slam is only possible when a player hits a home run while the bases are loaded (runners on 1st, 2nd, & 3rd base at the same time). This results in 4 runs for the batter's team.

What happens when a player lead off a base in little league when bases are loaded and the batter gets a single?

the runner who left the base early is called out.

What is the homographs of a mixture made from egg flour and milk OR a baseball player?


In baseball how close can a defensive player be to a batter during a pitch?

The closest fielders can be is if the batter bunts 1st and 3rd charge up.If the batter doesnt bunt,on the grass.

What can a batter not do?

In the game of baseball the batter is the player who is at bat. There are many rules that the batter must follow. One of the most important rules is that the batter cannot leave his position in the batter's box once the pitcher comes to set position.

I have a 1974 penny with a baseball player on it what is the value?

Not sure. I have a 1974 penny with a baseball batter and pitcher stamped in front of lincolns face. The batter's jersey ends in 'TS' Any idea what this coin is?